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First, Let me say WELCOME. When I was a child, I used to listen to stories about Tortoise and other animals. They thought us one lesson or the other. This is basically why we listen to stories. Stories empower and destroy, It is a weapon you may not appreciate if you do not understand its usefulness. Again, welcome to the blog where you can read not just stories written by me, but by everyone who wants to touch a soul by telling a story. Unorthodox is here for you.

My name is Flora and I am your friend. I am that friend that likes books and like to listen to people just talk about their struggles. I nursed the desire to have a blog because I wanted to reach out to people I may never meet physically through stories. My desire to impact my generation with carefully stringed words has brought me here. I hope that this aim is not defeated at the end.

Unorthodox will share stories both fiction and non- fiction, poems, interviews to enlighten and encourage us- I have to learn too, I also like to learn new words and I will have that in here too, book reviews and the very few movies I watch. My tag line- Read healthy.. think healthy.. live healthy is coined from my believe that the internet feeds us with a lot and a great deal of things that are not healthy for our minds. So, I hope that everything I blog will be healthy for your mind and mine.

Click here to join me in this beautiful world of transforming stories.