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Why you need to think of self-care

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Happy Independence Nigerians.

Nine months have rolled over already and I can remember December 25th, 2017 like it was yesterday. I had pizza at Dominos that was stacked full of people. There is nothing special about pizza but it was delicious that day because I was with a special friend. Here we are, with another Christmas in view again. A lot must have happened in your lives in the last nine months. Work, school, career, relationships, these things can be overwhelming and sometimes they make us neglect self-care.

Taking care of oneself is one of the things we do not take seriously. There are people who think that wrinkled faces, feeble arms, sagging eyes and all that are the best ways to say to the world, “oh, I am serious with my life”. Life and its events can go in such roller coaster way that before you realize what has happened, you are sixty-five and ready for retirement, meanwhile, you did not enjoy your youth.

Health is wealth. This cannot be overemphasized.

Staying healthy is not just a physical exercise. You can look all fresh and fine, spotless and no wrinkles, but you have a low self- esteem, lack confidence, you are in a toxic relationship, your tongue is the home of all the curse words and a lot of other habits that make you repulsive.

As the year comes to an end, you may have started making plans for the next year. But you have heard that you cannot put a new wine into an old wineskin and this means that as you make plans for the next year you may need to consider looking inward to check if their habits, attitudes and character flaws that will hinder your growth in the next year. Think through your life and see what changes are important for you to make. You could even evaluate your relationships and see if there are things you need to adjust. Change is hard to accept, it requires lots of courage but it is necessary.

This month, I am encouraging everyone to really take care of themselves and so I am offering some self- care tips:

  • Taking water first thing every morning. Cultivating this as a habit is a great way to start living a healthy life. There are so many benefits of drinking water first thing every day.
  • This activity looks petty and sometimes, we allow urgency to make us take vehicles. You should walk for at least 20 minutes every day.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise works wonders. They even help the brain too.
  • Eat lots of fruits. Junks serve our taste buds while eating healthy may not be fun but including vegetables in our food will leave our bodies in the best conditions.
  • Smile: This, in fact, is a personal advice to me too. We are usually swayed by our desire to be focused on our “to do” and we forget the spice of life, your smile. Smile attracts people and you can never tell what or who you will attract to yourself with a warm beautiful smile. Hey, add to this smile, a belly hurting laughter as well. They are important and Ladies, add this to your make up too.

Other Tips

  • Take time to reflect every day on your activities for the day. Are you just passing time or are you making the most of your day?
  • Talk to people who make you see the light, people who make you laugh.
  • Get hold of those harmful thoughts. Do not allow them to take roots in your mind. You can change them with the right words and we get the right words from the word of God.
  • Social Media is a great tool but if it is destroying your life, maybe you need to get away from the anxiety it is causing you.
  • Speak kindly about yourself and to others always.

I really do appreciate the time you have taken to read this post. I will also appreciate if you share the post with your friends because they will also find something interesting here.

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Enjoy the month of October.

To our Dear Nigeria, Happy Independence to our Dear Nigeria.

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Olekama Uchechukwu Henry
Olekama Uchechukwu Henry

Nice one. More Grace.