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After seeing my love and passion for what I do, she fully accepted and supported me-Omeh Chinemerem

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This is Dozie from, please may we know you?

My name is Omeh Chinemerem Kingsley, a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I am an artist with major interest in painting.

Omeh Chinemerem Kingsley

What do you do for a living?

I bring to life imaginations and convey human feelings and emotions through colours.

The field you found yourself, was it as a result of what someone inspired you to do or what you discovered you were good at?

I discovered I had the God-given talent and love for art, then went on to develop it after which inspirations began to spring up.


How long have you been into it?

I’ve been into art for more than 8 years, but fully became a painter 5 years ago.

Painting at Port Harcourt, Nigeria

When you decided to venture into your field now, did you encounter challenges from either family or friends? If you did, how did you overcome such?

Yes, I encountered major challenge from family. My mum was strongly against my career as an artist, but after seeing my love and passion for what I do, she fully accepted and supported me.


Have you ever felt you made a wrong career choice or you have always been cool with it?

I always have been cool with my career, no regrets.


Is there any particular name for your kind of drawings and paintings? Which do you enjoy doing most?

I’m a conceptual/futuristic artist, so most of my paintings and drawings are either conceptual or futuristic. I enjoy expressing myself through paintings on different mediums.

Your drawings and paintings would be hard to believe that it is mostly done manually. How did you develop to that level?

Practice!  Practice!! Practice!!!


What was the most challenging work you ever handled? Was it completed or abandoned?

The most challenging work I’ve handled is a 100ft overhead tank in Calabar. I had to paint the history and culture of the Calabar people on the tank and it was scary. Using a crane to go above 90ft was not funny, but I thank God. I started the work late 2017 and completed it in January, 2018.


Which places can we see some of your works?

I have my works in Abuja, Calabar, Port-harcourt, Enugu and Lagos State.

Not quite long ago, the president made a statement to Nigerian youths being lazy. This had led to mixed feelings and uproar amongst youths in the country. What’s your take on that?

Concerning the statement the President made, I think it doesn’t apply to every youth, because I know youths like myself who are not lazy, but all the same it should be a wake-up call to the youths who keep complaining instead of doing what is right and necessary(work).


The Nigerian society has experienced magnificent innovations and high level of improvements as against what it used to be before in different fields and professions. How have you been able to distinguish yourself?

I’ve been able to distinguish myself by being original, innovative and staying relevant.


What are the challenges you have faced so far?

The major challenge I’ve experienced so far is the unwillingness of clients to pay for the service they require. A lot of people appreciate and want art, but with the current economic situation of the country, my services get under prized and it’s really discouraging.


Is there any particular legend in your field, whether dead or alive that inspires you? If there is, why?

Yes, Eduardo Kobra. He is a Brazilian street mural artist. He has broken the record of painting the biggest mural of about 30,000sq. metres. He inspires me to break boundaries, explore and do more.


What should we look out for in your works in the coming years?

Look out for ‘Eme Studio; a voice that speaks for the people through paintings’; One that fights against corruption and injustice, and also portrays futurism.

What words do you have to tell young Nigerians who are genuinely working to earn a good living?

To all the young Nigerian youths out there working hard to make an honest living, keep pushing, don’t give up, your breakthrough is just around the corner.


This an interview conducted with a young Nigerian youth who have decided to go beyond limits and do things for himself without excuses.

You can connect with Omeh Chinemerem on instagram @chinemeremomeh

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