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Pillars of Eternal life.

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When we were young, people would urge us not to worry for our gone loved ones, they made us assume that they were in heaven. It was probably a way to console us as children but some old people believe it too. I don’t need to disappoint people but I need to point out that not every human will get eternal life. On my behalf “grace, faith and works” are 3 pillars of eternal life:

1. Saved by grace through faith
(Ephesians 2:8-9) – “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast.”

2. Saved by works justified by faith(James 2:24) –“You see that a man is justified by works, and not by faith alone” Regarding grace, I must say that grace is a base for salvation. The love and mercy given to us by God does not necessarily come because of anything we have done to earn it; it’s a free and undeserving favor that God gives us that it helps us to respond to his call.

In other words, it’s by grace if we find ourselves doing God’s will. If God didn’t like to let his grace upon us, we would be elsewhere today, but not in his ministry. I am not being judgmental, but a lot of time I have heard Christians praising themselves on how hard they have prayed and served God. Serving God is a pride that every Christian should carry but, forgetting that it comes from his grace is a cowardice. Grace is one of attributes of God and it manifests the salvation of sinners. It’s by grace if Jesus died for our sins. God demonstrated his undeserving love to the World when he gave his only son to be crucified.

Jesus’ death is a proof of the unlimited grace from God to us. As stated above God gives us grace to help us to respond to his call. Thus he gave his only son that our sins would be washed away and our souls will be taken closer to him. There would be not works and faith if there is no grace. Faith and works are found in a person who has received salvation, and it’s by grace if we receive salvation. Therefore, on my behalf, I authenticate grace as a foundation of salvation.

Some people use the idea of grace as a justification to why they have rejected Jesus in their lives. They say that since salvation is a gift from the Lord, God has not given them that gift yet. But the truth: “God has given to us the gift salvation when he gave us his soon.” He descended the gift from Heaven to Earth so that whoever needs to be saved would be saved. The bible recorded in the book of John 3:16 that God has loved the World at the point of giving his son so that whoever trust his soon would not perish, hence, the grace needed for us to receive eternal life has been inclusively given. Unfortunately, we did not realize it and we are giving false excuses. The bible verse 1peter 2:4 takes Jesus as the living stone, rejected by men, but chosen in god’s sight, therefore we cannot accept God if we do not accept his son. Moreover we shouldn’t be waiting for God to give us his gift of salvation, he has already given that, and all we have is picking it. And we will acquire it once we accept Jesus in our lives, in the book of John 14:6 Jesus himself said that he is the way and the truth and the life. And moreover that, no one will come to God unless it’s through him. We need to truly understand that God gave us his grace through the death of Jesus and that we should accept Jesus to let that grace work out in our lives.

Grace alone cannot make us children of God, God has let his grace on all of us when he gave us his son, but we need to have faith in him if we need that grace to workout. A verse from the letter of Paul the Apostle to Hebrews in the chapter 11:1 defines faith as confidence in what we hope and assurance about what we do not see. Hence faith consists of the invisible more than the visible. We have faith in the God we have never seen, and in biblical words that were revealed to prophets when we weren’t around. However our faith is not false, people who have experienced that faith are the true witness of the existence of God.

We have read the gospel, believed in it and it became true in our lives. We have believed that Jesus left us with his peace as written John 14:27 and our hearts were filled by peace even while living the hardship. There are many examples to give on the point. Therefore we do not only have faith in God because the bible tells us to do so, but also because our personal experiences affirm it. God cannot be your king if you don’t have faith in him, if your faith is in possessions, they lead your life are thus your gods, the only thing that will prove that your faith in God exists is your dependency on him.

The Bible also says that without faith, one cannot please God; we must therefore keep our faith and the gospel word whether the situation is good or bad, and that’s what we call fight of faith. The good fight of faith starts straight after we accept Jesus in our lives. Fighting a good fight of faith means abiding the Word of God regardless of what we feel or think. Most of us do not like to acknowledge this fight nor its distress. Most clergymen use their abilities to present the Christianity as being easy and glorious. They explain that God has done everything and as a result we don’t have to do anything. They keep proclaiming total liberty in spite of seeing the people they serve continue perishing. That kind of false liberty turns grace into licentiousness.

A combination of grace and faith provide righteousness as a result. Righteousness is justified by works. As fall as I know, every person has been given grace from God, but I cannot know whether he has or not faith in God. However, by looking at a person’s works you can judge him as righteous or unrighteous. Faith alone will not make it. You cannot say that you have faith in someone if you are not doing what he asks you to do, just like, you do not have faith in God if you are not trying to make his word into practice. Our level of righteousness is the same level of our faith. It’s nonsense to always proclaim about your faith if your works do not prove it. (James 2:26) –“for as the body apart from the spirit is dead is dead even so faith apart from the work is dead” this verse emphasize that faith without works is dead in other word if it’s dead, it does not exist, I don’t want to be so disappointing but if you have no desire of doing good, you don’t have the minimum faith. Faith is not about what we speak.

Repeating that you have faith won’t help you to progress in spiritual life. It’s by exercising the word of God and doing you’re your best to keep his commandment that will grow you and prove you as a righteous person.

By ending, I urge you not to take for granted the grace the World has received when Jesus descended from Heaven. Have faith in him and exercise yourself that will justify you as a righteous person in sight of God. Once you allow Jesus in your life and fight a good fight, all the other battle will no longer be yours. Trust him he will help you. Go to him, he can’t wait to receive you.
(Psalms 46:10) -“He says, be still and know that I am God…”

Louise UWIBAMBE currently studies computer science engineering. She is an international ambassador of Threading Twine. As youth herself she believes the time has come for young people in Rwanda and Africa as whole to take initiative and lead.

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