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What Things are Important in People’s Lives?

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The true measure of a person is what he can do for the people around him. If you are important to people, then you are also worthy. If you are useless to them, you are also too basic and should therefore change. Being important to people does not mean to pay their bill, it doesn’t mean to forget yourself or to be some people else’s slave. Being important means giving the best of you and, helping people around you without expecting anything in return.

In the world we live in, people need a lot of things other than money and big houses. People need love, attention and, friends. All these are things our hard work cannot provide and, neither can our money buy them. They are things that only people around us will provide. If every human being needs all these things, why is too hard for him to provide them? What goes around comes around.

Starting with love, I want to emphasize that a person without love is empty. It’s only love that will bring peace on the Earth. Politicians have failed about creating unity among countries, they sign peace agreements and break them – without love agreements won’t work. A person who wants to be important in your life will provide love, he will apologize when he is wrong and he will help you while you are struggling with difficulties. Imagine a little bit if every human being loved people around him. Nobody would have been left off in sadness and cries. We need to have that little love. Loving people around us also leaves us with peace of heart. If we want them to loves us, we need to love them first. We shouldn’t ask for something we don’t give.

Regardless the fact that you are busy making your life, you have to save some time for your loved ones, your friends and your family. People needs attention. They need someone to hear them. When someone is hurt, he needs to talk to be healed. And if he needs to talk, he needs someone to listen. Be that someone. Try to understand people, even when you are not able to help them, at least listen to them. Comfort the desperate. Be with them when they are happy and sad. Attend their birthdays and their mourning. Your presence in people’s life is priceless. Give your attention.

No matter how respected you are, remember to create friends. Accept people who want to be in your life. Be friendly and do not hurt people whose intention is to be your friends. If you want to be important in people’s lives the first step is to be their friend. It’s so difficult to help people you don’t know or even to change their lives in a positive way. But if you become their friends, you get to know what you have to do for them to impact their lives. You can’t be a friend of everyone, but you can be friendly to everyone. Talk to people with love, give them your smile and time.

There are several ways you can be important to people, look around you, there are a lot of people who need your help. Do not let your presence be useless in their lives. You must do simple things which make people feel good. Remember to give compliments.  Ask people what you can do to help them, give them your energy. Changes your plans for the people you love, if they emergently need you, don’t turn your back to them, embrace them with your help. Teach people the things you know without taking a superior position, it’s better to share your knowledge to people and trust me they will always be grateful to you. Accompany your friends when they need you, drive them if you can, let them know that you will always be there for them.

Remember the things a person wants the most in life, you have it with you. It’s your time to give it. Create happiness in people’s lives, create smiles and good moods. The best things in life are free, but you just have to give them so as to get them back. Give love and you will be loved. Give attention, people will find time for you. Be friendly, you will gain more friends.


Marie Louise Uwibambe currently studies Computer Science Engineering. She is currently an international ambassador of threading twine. As a youth herself, she believes the time has come for young people in Rwanda and Africa as a whole to take the initiative and lead. She believes in the potential of youth and that their time to lead is now!


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