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Women Can’t Do More Unless They Wake Up

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Have you ever thought women could do great things as men did? This might and will happen if only you believe in them and if you believe in themselves as well?

Women have been challenged by inequality several times in the workforce. Until modern times, legal and cultural practices combined with the inertia of longstanding religious and educational conventions, restricted women’s entry and participation in the workforce. Economic dependency upon men, and consequently the poor socio-economic status of women, has had the same impact, particularly as occupations have become professionalized over the 19th and 20th centuries.

Women’s lack of access to higher education had effectively excluded them from the practice of well-paid and high status occupations. Entry of women into the higher professions like Law and Medicine was delayed in most countries due to women being denied entry to universities and qualification for degrees. For example, Cambridge University only fully validated degrees for women late in 1947 and even then only after much opposition and acrimonious debate.

Women were largely limited to low-paid and poor status occupations for most of the 19th and 20th centuries, or earned less pay than men for doing the same work. However, through the 20th century, public perceptions of paid work shifted as the workforce increasingly moved to office jobs that do not require heavy labor, and women increasingly acquired the higher education that led to better-compensated, longer-term careers rather than lower-skilled, shorter-term jobs. Despite challenges mentioned above there are women who managed to be successful and all started from rock bottom.

For instance, these 5 women; Michelle Mone Co-founder and CEO of MJM Ltd, J.K. Rowling  who wrote the famous book Harry Porter, Oprah Winfrey TV PERSONALITY, CEO of Xerox, Ursula Burns, Indra Nooyi Chairwoman and CEO of PepsiCo, they all grew up penniless and all worked their way up to get to the top! Their hard work paid off and their stories are the motivation to women all over the world. They are commonly known as some of the power women of our century and with their positive mindsets and incredible will-power, they showed the world that it does not matter where you come from or what your past is, everything is possible!

When people are successful, we always focus on their success, not on the years of struggle, failure and trying again and again. We only see the bright side and don’t want to or forget about the years of hard work, while those years mostly bring the most inspiring and motivational stories. You cannot be successful in one day, you have first to wake up, work hard, be positive and never give up. You must try, try, try and try again no matter what kind of challenges you face you have to get up and at the end of the time your hard work will pay you off .

Lastly, I want to tell young ladies and youth in general to aim higher not average. Therefore, work hard so that those dreams will come true one day because it is possible as long as you want it and work for it.

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Alice MUKESHIMANA has 22 years old, she is Rwandese. She is a university graduate from Kigali Independent University (ULK Kigali campus) under economics and Business Studies (EBS) faculty specializing in Accounting. She is very dynamic and highly self motivated. She enjoys working in a diverse, multicultural, and team driven environment she has been Information manager for almost two years (marketing and communication (MAC) team leader) as a volunteer in AIESEC ULK LC, she is now volunteering in USA embassy (Kigali center) project Everybody Read Rwanda (ERR) 2018 she believes women are strong and reading is one of her hobbies.

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