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Ecstasy is me finding the best time to out together something really terrific, a simple story written from the depth of my heart. Yes, I know when we hear “a story”, we immediately think of our conventional beautifully crafted fiction, something like what our phenomenal Chimamanda Adichie, Wole Soyinka or John Grisham would push into the market.

Some of us are quite young and still trying to find our voice, we have not quite gotten that voice the noise in the crowd cannot drown.

A lot of us, young writers haven’t found that one thing in the world we can hold so dear and call our story. I guess that is why we don’t put out so much.

So, we have two battles to win, the first is, finding a voice that can be recognized. I think the appropriate word for that is a writing style. Thousands of writers with thousand-different writing styles. As a writer, being able to find and embrace your style should be your first breakthrough, something worth celebrating.

The second struggle is the fear of not sounding authentic. Will our stories be accepted? What even makes a story acceptable? The depth of truth in it? Its ability to connect with its readers?

Well, many young writers are yet to discover this and it has been the fear that has kept many of us from sharing the stories burning in our hearts. I hope I am speaking the mind of many writers here?

When you have found the voice, found the story, you now have to begin to master your craft. I think that is the one thing about every art. Gaining mastery. It is like being a musician, having a good voice is quite different from being able to sing.

I have a story, I am able to spell correctly, and punctuate accurately does not mean I can write something people will like to read.

Writing is an art and many people believe it is as easy as sitting with a pen and a notepad or sitting in front of a computer and just putting down everything that comes to your mind.

I wish it was that easy. I wouldn’t be so scared to share my thoughts, knowledge and insights with everyone. Just as long as I am able to string words together and form sentences, but, being a good writer is more than just being able to form sentences.

There must be a synchronization of the thoughts. The thoughts must flow sequentially.

If you can succeed in all these, which are just the basics anyway, because there is a lot more to learn to become a pro writer, then you can brag without fear of being a writer.

If you write, can you please share some of your challenges with us in the comment box? Are there tips you will like to share with other writers to help them write better?

Please leave your comments in the box as well.

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