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What is the essence of Christmas?

Oluwasayo Folarin 0

Ellen was just 10 years when the message of Christ struck her during the fourth Sunday in December. She was full of questions and curious to know the essence of Christmas. Pastor mentioned that the whole bible is about Jesus but Ellen couldn’t comprehend it. Still amazed by what pastor said, Ellen clandestinely went for a private session where her pastor discuss the essence of Christmas.

Everywhere you go, it is decorated in adorable colors. The 25th of December has been marked as a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ that died over two thousand years ago. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God and he humbly came to this sinful world for the remission of the sins of all and to call all men to repentance. Giving hope to the hopeless and grace to the lost.

Jesus Christ whose birth has been prophesied in the Holy book through prophet Isaiah and others was a reflecting that God wants an intimate relationship with man after the fall of Adam.  Christians see the birth of Jesus as fulfilling the scriptures and a mark of the new covenant that reconciled man back to God. Jesus Christ birth was surrounded with grace and favor from how he was born into a manger still fulfilling the scriptures to how the wise men blessed, worshiped and presented him with precious gifts. Born into the lineage of David, still fulfilling what the God promised to David that from his root the world will be reconciled back to Him.

Christmas is a time to have a closer meditation on the life Jesus lived as recorded in the Scriptures. He humbled himself and saw it not equal to compare himself with God but in humility dwelt amongst men. This is a lesson that as Jesus Christ did while on earth everyone should love his neighbor not just by mere saying but in action. Jesus even to death prayed for those that hatred him, he expressed his love for humanity even while on the cross.

The mission of Jesus has stated in John 10:10 is to give life, and for people to have it more abundantly. The ministry of Jesus was to burn the bridge between God and man so that there is a fellowship with God as experienced by the first Adam. Christmas is a time to X-ray one’s fellowship with God in the mirror of His word. The purpose of Christmas will not be complete of the man in picture is not reverenced.

Christmas is a time to give. Jesus gave us the greatest gift by laying his previous life for the remission of the world. By giving on Christmas, we are acting in accordance to the principles Jesus lived by. Christmas is not just for merry and dinner but to extend genuine love to the unsaved – doing the work of a Shepard.

The essence of Christmas is to celebrate Jesus Christ reflecting on his legacies which makes a Christian. Fellowship with God should be emphasized and the unsaved should be brought to the knowledge of Christ.

Merry Christmas from everyone at UnorthodoxYou.

We love you!

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