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There are only 18 days to the end of the year, it is important that we talk about setting goals for a new year. We all leap for joy every Jan 1st  to usher in a new year, hopes are high, expectations lingers reflecting on the past successes and hoping for new milestones in the new year. Setting goals for a new year will guide you in how to plan your activities toward your expectations throughout the year. In the article, you will discover proven strategies that will guide you in panning for a successful 2018.

What to do before you set out to plan

Planning without adequate preparation will produce inconsistent results. In preparing to plan, you need to identify the areas you performed well in 2017, analyze what you did that materialized the result. This thought process of analyzing your efforts in 2017 will help you in identifying areas you need to improve on and the principles that worked for you.

Set out your targets for the New Year.

This is why it is important to critically access your progress in the previous year. This is the point you use the principles you implemented in 2017 in realizing your goals for the New Year. Always write down your targets for the New Year, don’t say I will keep it in my heart. These targets will help you in panning your activities throughout the year. Which courses to do, which books to read, which trainings to do, which friends to keep, the list goes on.

Plan your activities for the year.

Now that you have set your targets for the year, you need to plan your activities such that your targets are measureable. If your plan visit increase your customer strength by 20% in the New Year, your activities must be planned in other to fulfill this goal. You might plan to increase your budget for marketing, collaborate with more companies, work on your customer services team etc. The goal here is to break your goals into actionable bits.

Sought out for Inspiration

The best seeds will encounter great storms. Planning is akin to planting of a seed, it does not guarantee the right size of fruit. After breaking your plan into actionable bit, you need to assess your progress as the year go by to ensure you produce the right result. This involves constantly motivating yourself even when situations seems to be vague.

You can ask someone to mentor you, someone who has trod that path and make sure you get inspiration from them, they would have encountered the storm, ride on their wisdom to calm yours. Maybe you have heard this before, repetition aids mastery.

To add to these, you can consider setting SMART goals.

Chances are you have heard of SMART goals before, and you decided you were going to set one or two sometime but you didn’t. SMART is like a formula for setting goals. If you have not heard of smart before, SMART is an acronym for SIMPLE, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC and TIME-BOUND. I think it will do a lot of good to put your goals in black and white, while you allow Mr. SMART guide you.

First, make the goal Specific. While setting your goals, make it specific. What exactly do you want to achieve? The essence of making your goals specific is to guide you through other planning process of the goal. I want to save up to five hundred thousand by the end of the year.

Second, let your goals be measurable. Ensure you have a means to evaluate the success of your goal. Well-defined goals are measurable; they state what to do and, in some cases, how to do it, in language that is clear and quantifiable. Use dates to set achievement targets and it will help you move faster into action. I will put aside forty-five thousand naira every month till it gets up to five hundred thousand.

Third, let is sound and look achievable. If in the process of making your goals measurable, you go ahead to make them look impossible, then you will be unable to carry them out and eventually fail yourself. I have to track my expenses using an app or by simply writing out everything I spend my money on.

Furthermore, take relevant actions. Let your daily actions and be in line with the goals you have set. If you need to learn new skills or read more books or attend more networking events, do these things to help you achieve the goals you have set for your self. Take note, you have to be consistent with these actions too.

Finally, always set a time to your goals. You want to have a hundred thousand in your account? And want to save up to that amount? Then write down how much you will save every day or weekly or monthly so that your goals can be reached.

There are only 18 days to the end of the year. Will you SMART-ly set those goals now? Find out how the benefits of setting goals are outlined here.

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