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HELLO! Who is excited about weekend? The weekend is already here and I know how excited you all get about weekends. Okay, so the weeks have run like a cheetah and we have November here with us already. I thought I should share some books that have impacted the lives of different individuals in the course of the year.

I know lots of people do not like books. Yeah, this generation is filled with people who do not like to read anything, movies will be chosen over books over and over again.

You know, books are filled with lots of insights, and knowledge that if you choose to read only one book every month, you will see how much change you will notice in your thought process, value systems and decision making.

Here are the books:

Drums rolling!!!!!

  1. Novus– Leke Alder: This book by Leke Alder is the first of his books that I read and it was really a beautiful read. It is actually a book to breed entrepreneurs but it was written in form of a fictional novel. I think the essence of this is to make who ordinarily will not read a book on how to start up a business read the book.Book Review: # NOVUS by leke Alder

This book tells a story of a young man who finds dissatisfaction in his job and decides to start up a business. He takes his time to plan the business and further makes enquiries on the necessary documentation that a business requires.

 If you are looking for a book you will learn about procedures to follow while writing a business plan, this is one for you. Did I forget to mention, he also found love in the process. You can download the PDf, you will not regret you did. I found this review of the book, it is a great review.

  1. There was a country- Chinua Achebe: One word for this book- CLASSIC. Reading this book made me think of Nigeria in the 1960’s even though I wasn’t born at that time (the benefit of reading- time traveling). I imagined what the war felt like and I prayed that Nigeria will have no reason to fight a war again. Searching for a good review of the book, I found this one by Chimamanda Adichie and I believe you will love this review.

After reading this, anyone I hear talk about Secessions or restructuring so much gusto, I ask one question, what are you prepared to lose? If any of these will make things better then my recommendation is “can it be done peacefully?” if not…

If you still haven’t read this classic memoir by Chinua Achebe, you should consider reading it. I will also recommend a hard copy. 

  1. Redeeming Love– Francine Rivers. This, is a mastermind. I loved this one so much. It is the best Christian fiction you will read your life. I am not exaggerating this at all. I saw how powerful the love of God played out in this book. How God’s love gave a lost soul hope through the pain of another person. The story of prophet Hosea and his prostitute wife Gomer.

Redeeminglove cover.gif

What will you do if you have to buy the woman you love from the hands of her slave master? What will you do she keeps running back to her former life because she doesn’t feel worthy of your love for her?

Will you obey God if he asks you to let her go when she eventually falls in love with you but decides that your happiness and fulfillment are not dependent on her? Find all your answers in REDEEMING LOVE.

  1. The Alchemist– Paulo Coehlo. What do we call this book? It is a Classic. You know, just two days ago, I saw someone on Instagram talk about how beautiful the book really is. Since I read in June till date, I think I have seen people talk about it on social media a couple of times.

Image result for the alchemist book cover

The author of this book talks about the laws of attraction. He quotes scriptures and some places in the Quaran too to emphasize some things we do not put into consideration in our daily lifestyle.

Like Novus, the book is written in a story form telling us how a boy who is dissatisfied with being just a simple shepherd sells off his cattle and seeks adventure.

 In his quest to find what his purpose is and to live a fulfilling life, he meets a priest who tells him to go after what he wants, giving him two precious stones and pieces of advice to guide him as well. Guess what, this book is not a sequel. Find out for yourself.

So, these are the 4 great books in all the books I read within the course of the year that impacted my life greatly. Next week, there will a second part of this post talking about books other wonderful people have read that impacted their lives. Stay tuned!!!

If you liked what you just read and will like others to benefit from this post too, please share so that they can read too. I am sure they will be glad you did. If you have read any of these books and will like talk about the lessons you learnt, to spur others to read them too, kindly leave comments in the comment box for them to see.

I remain your friend,

Flora Ezeani

I love you.

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