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A faithful man, who can find?

There is a story of a certain young man who was so poor that he could actually afford nothing. He lived with mother who could only afford sound counsel and wise judgement too. They both enjoyed the life they had and believed every morning that the next day will be better than the former.

The king of the village woke up on one bright beautiful day and thought it was time for his gorgeous princess to get married. He thought that any man who showed interest in her would come in pretense, professing the love he did not have for her.

After carefully thinking of how to save his daughter from an unworthy man, he decided that he would throw a challenge to the young men in the village to test them, if he found any faithful, he would “join” his beloved princess to this man.

The king’s declaration reached the ears of all of every Jack and Jill in the land and they all gathered at the palace to hear what the king had to say. ‘My dear people, you have seen my beautiful princess here, I think it is high time I get her married to one of the sons of this land. Bearing this in mind, he continued, I have decided that man who will be worthy of my princess will be any man I find faithful.

“If you are a young man and you are interested in getting married to my daughter, and you believe you have what it takes, do step out. Fifty young charming (every man uniquely built) men came out. The king looked at all of them and smiled. Some, he knew their families and could tell if they would pass his test or not.

He pulled out a sack and with a big bowl scooped out grains of corn and with the help of the palace servants, gave to each person four grains of corn. When he finished, gave the instruction. “I have given each of you seeds that I want to see what you will make out of it. In three weeks, I will come and inspect the land on which you have grown your seed. The man with the best produce from these seeds will be my in-law. With these words, he dismissed them.

The next three weeks in that village were quite eventful. The determined men did everything they believed will make their seeds turn into great plants. Manures, fertilizers, all kinds of agriculture practice. After the first week, they all noticed that the seeds had not germinated. This meant that it wasn’t going to grow. Bearing this in mind, they sought a means to cause the seed to grow.

A faithful man, who can find?

The young man and his mother looked at his seeds and wondered what the problem could be. The second week, nothing was different, the seed had not sprouted. He asked the mother what he could do when he came back to report to her that the seeds of all the other young men had germinated and was growing well.

His mother advised that he should leave things the way they were. Sad, he did as his mother had instructed. On the final day, the men gathered at the palace and the king congratulated everyone of them. “You have all done well”, he began. “Now, you will all take me to see the places where you grew your seeds and I will assess every man’s seed. Joyfully, they took turns in taking the king to the places where they had planted their seeds.

As he looked at each man’s plant, he smiled and nodded in affirmation and that stirred hope in each man. All men proudly showed their plants except the poor young man who was so disappointed in himself that he already had tears welled up in his eyes with his heartbroken.

Young man, where is your plant, the king asked surprised. I have none he replied. Why is that? The king questioned again. Looking down with fear and shame, he answered, “my king, the seed did not germinate and it yielded nothing. Why did you not find a means to make it germinate and bear fruits, I tried natural methods but all failed, he answered the king.

 The king pulled his hand, and brought him before everyone. Men and women of this land, the seeds I gave to your sons germinated and grew but the seeds of this young man did not. Should I look at him as a slothful and unwise son of this land who could not honor his king by making something out of the four grains of corn he was given. What should I do him? Does he deserve any mercy from his king? No one could say anything. He looked at him, and smiled.

People of my land, this is my son in-law. I have found him worthy of my daughter. The seeds I gave to these young men were boiled and dried grains of corn. I made my servants do them in a way that they could still look fresh and can be planted. This man here has shown that faithfulness is not about getting results but how you get results. He shown that I can still find a man who has integrity and can earn my trust to take care of not only my daughter but all I will entrust in his care.   

Mothers and fathers, go back home and teach your children, show them through examples that virtues are better than riches, teach them to crave and desire only what has eternal value. If we will always find men who will be faithful, we will find men who will rule with love and people who we can trust.

“Being faithful in the smallest things is the way to gain, maintain, and demonstrate the strength needed to accomplish something great.” 

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