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I dumped my books. I decided not to read any novel or motivational or self-help and any other kind of book; I was reading There was a country by Chinua Achebe when I made this decision and even though I loved this book so much, I felt there was a need to let it go. 

 Have you ever felt so empty even when others look at you and think, Oh! He is doing so great and then you are told how wonderful you are? It can push you to tears.

Last night, I was thinking of all the posts that I read everywhere, on medium, facebook questions on Quora, blogs that I have subscribed to like James Altucher’s Blog, the second American that makes me wish I was an American, the first is Ashley Zahabian, I think she is terrific.

I was thinking of the motivations, the burning words and the next thing that burned in my mind was “motivation without the right attitude, is like climbing a cracked wall. You will fall.”

This morning, while thinking of how to begin this post, I asked my friend Doyin two questions. What are the two things you think someone will do that will make the person seem irritable, and what should a person not do when he/she is angry?

Her response:

  • Pride
  • Anger
  • Selfishness (she’s too kind, so she gave me one extra answer)

“Talking from personal experience, when someone is angry, do not talk.”

Recalling an HR session we had at work, the manager said, Attitude is everything. Well, that is a cliché. We don’t even bother to think about the meaning of this clause anymore because we are now accustomed to hearing it often. You know, this cliché is not just a fact, it is also true. Truth vs Fact (this is coming soon).

Messages about the right attitude cannot be over emphasized. It is important and we cannot neglect it. Why do we have such a rebellious generation now? I even think of the times I go against my parents and I feel guilty about it, but there are young persons who are never remorseful about the things they did wrong and were for. It is heartbreaking ( I am checking to see if my heart is still in one piece because every time I see things that I irritate my senses, I am heartbroken!) .

“For every action, there is a reaction”. How do you react to rejections? Offenses? Injustice? Failures?  Backsliding? We can keep naming everything we go through, how do we react to them? If someone refuses to help you, and comes back to meet you years later for help, will you help the person? If you fail at something, will you have the courage to try again? Will you go back to Christ to ask him to forgive and start your relationship all over because you backslid?

I write like I am not guilty of these things, but in earnest, I am. Sometimes, I feel really bad that my friend has refused to help me do something and I am reluctant to help too when I can. I get jealous sometimes, I used to hate asking people for things because I was scared that I was going to be turned down. I am proud to say, I am improving.

If I know someone is doing well, instead of being jealous, I reach out to ask the person to teach me what they know about that thing, if I am not happy about how I am treated, I talk to the person about it, if I feel like my faith is low, I go the feet of the master and cry. When I am offended and cannot forgive, I pray for my heart and the heart of the person too.

It is pertinent that we work on ourselves but like I mentioned in one of my posts, our powers are limited, we cannot always help ourselves. We need God’s help to conquer pride, to help us deal with our anger and rebellion, jealousy and envy and every other thing we do that makes us irritable.

Attitude indeed is everything.

Attitude will determine who will determine so much in your life. If you will be wealthy or poor (young people do not know that their attitude towards money does matter so much).

 A quick one, for Christians especially, before you begin sending fire and brimstone to your enemies, ensure you are doing the right things. You keep to time, you speak politely, you are always cheerful, you forgive…. We often get this wrong. I am a Christian and I have to speak this truth.

This should end here now.  I can always come back to write about this anytime I feel the need to.

I hope you really enjoyed this and it has taught you a thing or two? Let me get your opinions in the comment box. I sure will like to hear them.

I remain your friend,

Flora Ezeani.

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Adedamola Otun
Adedamola Otun

This got me nodding and cheering: “motivation without the right attitude, is like climbing a cracked wall. You will fall.” More grace dear writer.

Chris Nwaije

Nice piece Flora. Enjoy reading your post