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He was my addiction

Flora 4

He was my addiction.

It all began in my work place when this guy came to my office, he had just come back from a holiday in the U.K. Then I was coming out of a moody engrossed situation I had found myself in.

He became a regular visitor to my office and each time he visited, he was always happy to see me and smiled at me, he usually mentioned coming around just to see my face. My attention was far drawn from the interest and the expressions over him whenever he saw me.

Within a space of time, I began to get casual comments and teasing from the office, such as “Dom’s (original name withheld) wife.”

And like the droplets of water that makes the mighty ocean, I saw myself being engrossed to him that I knew him from behind, knew his footsteps and could sense his presence by distinction of his peculiar pheromone. Never imagined I had known him that much.

I became addicted to him in the sense that he was the voice I waited to behold in the day. Talked often over the phone and most of my nights was given to speaking with Dom. I never knew he had turned a very big part of my life and myself. He was like my idol.


The all rosy ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story abruptly met its dead end, the day we had a heated argument.

Within the blink of an eye, it was all gone. That was when seconds and hours became still over my head.

I deleted his contact from my phone, not knowing that a sore had been made open.

I lost weight grossly likewise concentration which the results was spelt out in all I did. I was withdrawn from the things which were of interest to me. I felt like a drunk who is being starved of alcohol and it was sickening. 

I started considering suicide. How can someone in such a short time determine if I wanted to keep living?


Friends and family noticed the off myself nature I was wearing and my looks which had dwindled, they began to call me back to myself. Not like they knew what had happened though.

I was downcast in one of the days, that I had to go to church. I went to the teenage hall, and I had to cry out my heart to God.

My family was there for me and I want to appreciate their patience and understanding this period I wasn’t with myself.

I can say I am better of than what I used to be before. I know I have not completely healed but I can live a life of my own now and not feeling like it belonged to any other.

“I am getting stronger and stronger by the day.”

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This is a great story shared and I hope that someone is touched by it. It is not a regular drug addiction story and this is to let us know that one can be addicted to anything and not just drugs. Addiction pushes us to the wall and we think we do not want to keep living, What is life without “that thing?”

Can we leave words of encouragement for this person who has summoned the courage to share her story? Please share your thoughts on this too. 

I remain your friend, 

Flora Ezeani.

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This is a wonderful write up.. Dear one,there’s no issue that has no solution.. I encourage you in the Lord,be of good courage. I strongly believe that whatever comes our way,sometimes breaks,makes,and teaches us,but how we react to it’s lessons matters. As long as you are determined to be healed,your Healer will bring forth healing to u.. God bless you.

Oluwasayo Folarin

Nice read, I think it’s good to have emotional safety net.