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Book Lovers Day- why should we read?

Flora 2

Happy book lovers day!

Wherever I am, if I have a book with me, I have a place I can go and be happy- J.K. Rowling.

If you have ever been called boring to your face or considered weird because you will choose a book over a hangout at the cinema or a party, then I should say, welcome to the club.  

I chose today, National book lovers day to talk about books, why should anyone consider reading and make it a choice over anything else? What is the use?

I have also chosen not to write a very long story about reading because I know how lazy we can be and I do not want to discourage those I am trying to encourage at all. I will just list my ten benefits of reading.

  1. Reading increases intelligence. You practically have an idea of almost everything.

         Note that I said, almost. That means you can contribute when a conversation is going on. What          happens next, you become the reference point, “oh yeah, Miss A knows it, go ask her.”

  1. A reader speaks well. Wait, have I told you how much I dislike African magic, you know why? Because, they speak and even interpret English badly. Let me give you a clear illustration of how reading can help you: There are some “called men” in the ministry who weren’t privileged to go to school. But guess what, the English they speak and write, they learnt from reading the bible and Christian books.
  2. A reader is well informed. Okay, I know we love to watch “how- to videos on Youtube and it is great but some of these videos were made by people who had to read one book or two before they learnt the steps you are watching in the video.

          You will not disagree that the book content is always richer and more detailed than the video.

           Keep in mind, information is a key that can unlock great doors.

  1.  Reading can be entertaining and that helps you relax too. The same way you pick up a book to learn how to do some things, you can also pick up a book to relax.

          Literature texts help us achieve this goal.

          So, a literature text is informative, educative and great for relaxation too. Why shouldn’t you               read one?

  1. Leaders are Readers. The original quote is readers are leaders, but not all readers are leaders, if we are frank, we know that you cannot be an effective, powerful leader if you do not read. The richest men in the world are avid readers. Bill gates on his blog publishes a list of books he read in the past year. He published the list here. You can learn some leadership skills by reading great books by people like John C Maxwell.
  2. A reader has a strong imagination. Albert Einstein quoted said, imagination is more important than knowledge. Your imaginations are a vital part of your life. While reading, you can travel the world on a spot. You don’t believe, then pick up a book and give it try.
  3. Reading helps you increase focus and concentration.
  4. If you are a writer, you cannot have a quality content if you do not read. This is undisputable.
  5. Reading can inspire you. There’s this lifting you get if you read something written by someone who has gone through the same struggle you are going through.

So, in the course of writing this piece, I stumbled on this

I am a slow reader and if there is one more thing I wish for, it is to read faster.

Here is a beautiful narrative to watch on youtube too


Happy book lovers day to those who love books and if you don’t, please begin this beautiful journey.

I remain your friend, 

Ezeani Flora.

I Love you.

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Certainly!One of the interesting things about reading is the realisation of new ideas,a dawning of another experience coupled with the ecstatic feeling of sharing as well, take for instance, i just discovered something new yesterday and it has really added to my WELL…a pen is mightier than a sword you know.