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The tale of Admonishment and Gratitude.

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The tale of Admonishment and Gratitude

I already had a plan, I had written down most of what I wanted to talk and write about. I had defined everything the way I wanted it to go. I had done my research on the best platform, I made up my mind it was what I wanted to do and could actually do.

I wasn’t sure anymore about anything. I was sad and tired but thank God I didn’t not drift into depression. Waiting for something important can be frustrating, I hate this word, heaven knows how much. I just needed a place for my internship.

Day after day and week after week and one month, the next and another went by and nothing still. My applications to various banks, one opportunity to work in the bank was all I wanted but I never got it. I am worried about this inhumane act of the sons of men,that a man would prefer to give his unqualified relation or friend a job rather than a qualified stranger.

My little business was failing, power supply in my neighborhood was nothing to write home about and eventually, the business died. Then Chamsplc came. My corporate world experience. I remember my Captain who helped me submit my letter for internship there asking me one morning on our way to WORK, what it felt like.


The work for the day had ended, and I was bored. I thought of checking my facebook account and have a chat with friends or at most, read things posted by people on my timeline, but I had a second thought. Why don’t you just create that WordPress account? You wanted this, months ago but couldn’t do it, now you have the opportunity.  So, I obeyed the voice in my head.

This was July last year. I created Maybe I will become famous one day, I thought. But, beyond the joy I felt writing stories, I felt more joy knowing that the stories I told inspired people. That is my goal, to inspire with my gift. You know, the original idea was to get random people on the street to talk about their struggles, not because I like to glorify their pain, but to let others who do not know more than rejoicing in vanity to reflect on these lives that need comfort.

I resolved however that till I am able to do what I initially dreamed to do, to give hope to hopeless people, because at some point, I felt hopeless. I would write stories and poems about some grievious issues people still face in life. This is one of them, I wish I wrote a lot more, well, I still would.

If you are wondering why I named this blog unorthodox and not Flora’s blog or something funky, now you know. To add to this, I was hoping my tales would touch this generation and the next and awaken them to live distinct lives, the kind of lives that society will not only celebrate, but something that will make God glad.

I have to make this confession, I am an addict. Caffeine addiction and my parents are worried, I am worried too, because recently, my head hurts so much and it terrifies me. Now, if I can’t help myself, how can I write things that are supposed to help others? I will tell you why, it is because, our strength have a limit. That is why we must depend on the God whose power can deliver all.

My aim of writing this piece – first, is to thank everyone who has shown me support in one way or another. Some of you have contributed articles that have been published, some have given me ideas, some have taught me about php and a little about html (I am a student studying banking and finance) and I hated computers till I joined ChamsPlc. Those who have granted me interviews, encouraged me to continue writing even when it looks like no one is paying attention, those who have subscribed( please if you haven’t , I would be glad if you did).

This dream is just a year and it has recorded almost 2,000 views ( a thousand and something before I got the domain name and almost 900) aren’t you all just wonderful? Thank you all so much, I sincerely appreciate this and trust me, there wouldn’t be a blog without readers.

The second reason is to encourage someone out there, do not stop pushing. I am not where I have prayed and am still praying to be yet, but I believe that someday, I will. God sees this struggle and he will open the gates of heaven soon to bless you. You should note however, that, for every step, there is a lesson to learn, open your mind and learn this lessons, they are things you will remember and be glad to share with others.

Thank you so much for sparing the time to read this piece.

Happy new month Friends.

I remain your friend,

Ezeani Flora.

I love you.

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