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What is passion? Passion is when you are passionate about something. Hahaha! You recall those funny definitions you give in primary school and your teacher echoes clap for him? I bet we all got that before we learnt better ways of defining subject matters.

Guys, today, we have one great personality sharing with us deep truths about friendships. Ugo is a very passionate person (you will testify to this while reading her response to the interview questions). When I say you will learn, trust me, you will. So you may need to take out a notepad and a pen to write down some of the things she has shared with us in this interview.

Flora: Hello Ugochukwu, it is a pleasure to have you. This interview is going to be about relationships in the context of friendships. In addition we will also address being passionate about things we set our hearts to do because I see you as a very passionate woman. Thank you for giving us the privilege to learn from you.

Ugo, please can you tell us as much as you want us to know about you?

Ugo:  Hey, my name is Ugochukwu Eluchie. Fondly called Ugo or GoGo. I am a student, vlogger, content creator and writer.

Flora:  On twitter, your bio says, “apparently, I have a YouTube channel”. Let us talk about your channel a little. Your videos show how passionate you are about the messages you preach. Do you mind sharing what birthed the channel and the impact it has made on you. Did you start vlogging just for the purpose of preaching the gospel?

Ugo: Yeah, I do have a YouTube channel. Lol it does? Thank God. My YouTube channel was birth because of my interest in Media. I don’t regard what I do on my channel as preaching, lol, even though I kind of do. It is a platform to share my views with others as I journey in this life. My YouTube was birth to reach out and touch lives in the best way I can. That sums up the vision in a nutshell.

The impact the channel has made on me is a humbling one. I actually started my channel, deleted it and then started it again. I did not have clarity when I first started so I had to do it again. Starting again made me think of what the vision of the channel was. I started it showing revealing my heart and my beliefs. I did not try to be like any other person. I just made sure I was passing the message like Ugo would. To my surprise people loved the way the messages were being passed across. A lot of people told me how to run the channel but I stuck to the blue print I discussed with God and it has been good I guess.

The responses from people have been overwhelming. I don’t like people asking me too many questions but it has taught me that we are accountable for what we give people. It has really taught me discernment lol. Not every message needs to be answered. Some people just want to know things about you so they ask you questions that are not their business. I am really careful about that one. Lol. I don’t owe people friendship, I owe them love (Romans 13:8). It has taught me boldness. I stammer but it is something I am have been working on so people hardly notice but my first videos on YouTube were shambles. I couldn’t complete my sentences without stammering but as I went on it got better. I still stammer here and there but I guess that’s what makes me UgoTheGogo lol. There are a lot of lessons to be honest but let’s make do with these ones.

Flora:  Have you ever faced a situation where you feel like you are out of ideas on what to upload? You know you really want to make a video but you just realize that you have no idea what you want to talk about and share.

Ugo:  Funny thing is I have actually never. I even have too many things to talk about. The problem is my time management. Lol. I won’t say I struggle with this,  but sometimes I plan to vlog something but God makes me vlog about something else. That usually happens but yeah. As long as I am able to express his heart, then I am glad.

Flora:Can you please share with us how you develop friendships. Do you think that friendship should have a goal? Like something you want to achieve from this friendship?

Ugo: Hmnn. How do you develop friendships? I don’t know if there is a mandate on how to develop friendships but I can suggest what a friend is meant to be and how to be a friend. I do not call everyone my friend. I am familiar with people, we study the same course, we study together, but my friends, I can count with my fingers. I believe that friends are the family we choose so you better pick wisely. The bible tells us that a friend ought to sharpen the countenance of his or her friend just like iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17). When iron sharpens iron they both become sharper. I have been in parasitic relationships where one friend was harming the other and the other one was benefiting. One should not be told that that is a bad symbiotic relationship. I believe that as you benefit in wisdom, good counsel and even companionship from your friend, you should also offer the same as well. It is important to know people’s places in our lives so we don’t have high expectations of them. As I grow older, I have come to realize that some people are here to for a season and some people are here for a life time. I have also come to the realization that some people are not your friends but your acquaintances or mentees in the informal sense. Yes. Harsh truth. So you can’t expect them to pour into you as you would want your friend to.

It is important to pick your friends CAREFULLY (proverbs 12:26). The bible also encourages us to walk with the wise and become wise (Proverbs 13:20). Let me explain, wisdom comes with knowing God. When I seek wise counsel, I know my friends will give me sound judgment because of the daily pursuit in our relationship with God. I said Our because as they pursue the Lord so do I. I cannot accept wise counsel especially when it hurts if my heart is not in submission to God. People always say, I want friends that will dish the truth to me but when truth is being dished friendships end. Wounds from a friend can be trusted (Proverbs 27:5). My friends are not perfect in the physical sense but in Christ they are perfect so that helps me trust their judgment will come from a place of love and they trust that I too will be humble enough to accept correction. We are humans. There will be disagreements but because of love, we can make allowances for our short comings (Colossians 3:13).

Forgiveness is another aspect of friendship that I do not hear so often. In this generation, all I hear is ‘CUT THEM OFF’. Oh! What will be of us if God ‘cut us off’. We will be damned. This is something I am still learning. I learnt this the hard way. I will discuss in much more detail on my channel as I prefer talking than writing lol. But let me make this brief. Offense in one of the enemy’s mechanism to destroy relationships in families and friendship circles. He makes us sometimes see situations as bigger than they are. We use our emotions to think making us take emotional reactions. It is a choice to be offended. I am learning this daily and it is helping me in my reactions to certain things around me. I try to see things from another perspective because my perspective could be wearing emotional lenses. I try to take the bone out of the meat and learn from the situation at hand. If you can get closure about certain things then go ahead and seek closure but if you can’t (Like in certain cases as I have been in) you will have to heal and that is where you pour out your heart to Abba and let him heal you and remember that you can forgive. It is in your DNA as a child of God. That is what I tell myself. It will hurt but you will heal.

The goal for friendship is to bring out the best in each other. I think it is a subtle goal. You won’t have to write it on your foreheads but you guys will always directly and indirectly have it at the back of your minds. Friends push you to be better. Friends are there for you. They stand in the gap for you, in prayer and physically if they can. Friendship is a beautiful thing and to have friends one must be able to be a friend first. Be friendly.

Flora: Let us talk about friends. They can be hard. Giving your time, resources and yourself sometimes. Managing conflicts, forgiving, loving and all that it entails to be in a friendship. What lessons have you learned from your friends?

Ugo: I think I answered that in the previous questions. 😊

Flora: As a Christian, what is your take on being friends with unbelievers? Because a person has not surrendered to Christ, would that make you refrain from keeping friendship ties with that person?

Ugo: It is important to note that we are called to be the salt of the earth and light of the world. We are called to touch darkness of the world. This means we need to interact with unbelievers but we do so with wisdom. An unbeliever can help you in academics, career but in regards tofaith, they may fail you as they will not be in the best place to offer you wise counsel. It is important that we are there for unbelievers to show them the way, the truth and the life (Jesus) with our conduct, speech and lifestyle. But we can cannot expect them to sharpen us. That’s where the line is drawn.

Thank you so much Ugo for the time taken to answer these questions and and the responses are apt. I have learnt tons from these and I am sure that those who have read these have learnt so much too. 

You can connect with Ugo on Facebook: Ugo Eluchie

              Twitter, Instagram and Youtube: UgoTheGoGo. You can subscribe to her channel: this is the link to her channel

My great readers and contributors, I appreciate the time you have taken to read this interview with Ugochukwu Eluchie. I hope it has impacted in you in a great way. 

P.S : Do not read this interview alone. Your friends NEED to know these truths too. Please share and share. Leave your comments in the comment box, I would be super glad to know what you think about the things our interviewee has talked about. If you have questions, Feel free to leave them there too. 

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I can’t believe i’ve only just seen this post!!
Really good questions, great responses. So much wisdom!