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Interview with Tuke Morgan- Saxophonist, Blogger and Food photographer.

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Greatness is not stumbled upon. You have to work through it. Merely dreaming and talking loudly, will get you nowhere. You have to get up, and run out.

Here is another world wonder, I have chosen a title for her without her permission. Killer smile. I am not just thrilled at her smile, I am thrilled by her wits and by her passion shown in her skillful playing of the saxophone. 

Dear Friends, let me introduce you to Adetuke Morgan.


Meet Tuke the lady with a great smile.


Hello Tuke, it is really great to have here. I think there are chances that some of the people reading this blog-post may not have heard of you before. Some others only see pictures on social media platforms. Please can you tell us more about Tuke Morgan.

Adetuke Morgan is a Vivacious Nigerian Lady with a keen interest in the Arts. With a BSc in Economics from the Prestigious University of Nottingham, UK, she is paving a name for herself in the Creative World by expressing her talents through various outlets.

She is a Saxophonist, Lifestyle Blogger, Award Winning Food Photographer, Content Creator, Aspiring Actor, Natural Hair Enthusiast, Afro Rocker, Food& Theatre Lover with a Bad Case of Wanderlust especially for African Countries. She wants her life to inspire people and show them that it is possible to live your dreams, no matter how unconventional they may seem.

The first time I heard about food photography was when I stumbled on your Instagram page. It is indeed fascinating. For the benefit of those who have no idea or have heard about food photography but still do not know what it is, can you tell us what it is and how you developed an interest in it.

Food Photography is the art of taking pictures of food, reflecting it in it’s best light.I review restaurants on my blog so when I go out to eat, I take pictures of the food and share my experience with my readers. An international drink brand liked the content I was creating on my blog so asked me to create content for their Blog. I got paid a higher amount for food related content and really enjoyed going out trying new restaurants.

The more I shot pictures of food, the better I got at it. I invested in some photography equipment which improved the quality of my pictures. It was also easier for me to write food related content for my Blog while working a 9-5. Editing food pictures became somewhat therapeutic/relaxing for me and I invested in online food photography courses to further increase my understanding of the niche.


Food photo by Tuke
Amazing, this is.

Food photography is simply photography of food and clients can include restaurants, chef’s, baker’s, etc These pictures can be used for their website, billboard, social media pages and many other platform.

Blogging is a big task and can be overwhelming. How are you able to combine everything, publish blog posts, music gigs and everything that you do?

Well, my Cassie Daves Blog Planner helps me organize my schedule. I also don’t work a 9-5 anymore and for the last few months of 2016 I was able to build my music business to a point where it is structured and doesn’t require as much time and effort to run.


Cassie Daves Blog planner
Cassie Daves Blog planner.

In terms of Blogging, I create content in bulk which saves time and is a more efficient and effective way to work. I also don’t say No to every opportunity that comes my way, I weigh up the costs and benefits and only say yes when the benefit’s outweigh the costs.

Which university did you graduate from and what did you read in school? Why aren’t you practicing?

I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2013 and I studied Economics. I am not practicing because I realized at the end of my 1st year that the life of an economist, financial expert, stockbroker, investment banker, accountant and other professions most economists pursue wasn’t one that would bring me joy. I was lucky enough to have interned in various financial institutions from 2008-2012 so could make an informed decision based on my experiences.

I have asked this question in one of my previous interviews, permit me to ask you too. With our bad educational system in Nigeria and judging by the trend; THE UNEDUCATED RICH, do you think a university education is really worth it?

I think attending university comes with many advantages. It is usually a teenager’s first taste of independence and gives one a chance to discover themselves, their strengths, their interests without constant parent supervision. I think a University Degree is a great tool but there are many people who have succeeded in life without one so it isn’t mandatory.

Two books I would recommend for people who are struggling with University are From College Dropout to Corporate Sellout by Steve Harris and 17 laws of Academic Excellence by FelaDurotoye. Both books are available at Laterna Ventures in VI and can be ordered from their website

I also think it is important that people study what they are interested in, not just any random course or the course their parents force them to study. The fact that Federal Universities in Nigeria tend to go on strikes can be very discouraging as a four year course can take seven years to complete. Nevertheless, people should remember to use free time productively and learn a skill or start a small business while waiting.

Every successful person always have another successful person(S) they look up to, who are the people you look up to and what lessons have you learnt from them that has helped shape you?

There are many successful people I look up to for different areas of my life. My parents, first of all, they have worked extremely hard to build legitimate businesses and there are so many principles they live by which have influenced me. In terms of Music, I look up to Nathaniel Bassey, BJ Sax, Pastor Kunle Ajayi, Yolanda Brown and many other talented musicians that have been able to monetize their craft and take their music to a global level.

In terms of Blogging, I look up to Sisi Yemmie and get inspired by all my Blogger Friends and the outstanding work created by creative Nigerians & Africans. I get inspired by people who are following their dreams, making a positive impact and making good money from it.

People like LupitaN’yongo, Asa, TY Bello, Yemi Alade and Chimamanda Adichie inspire me. I love the fact that they have broken glass ceilings and are charting new territories and doing an awesome job at it.

As a young person on a path of success and thriving in a country where many young people strongly believe that the leadership of the country frustrates their abilities and passions. Do you think these notions are right? What do you think is the problem of Nigerian youths?

Yes, I do agree that there are certain things wrong which don’t provide a conducive environment for business e.g. lack of 24/7 electricity, high costs of petrol to fuel generators, inadequate transport system, etc Nevertheless, we can all succeed despite these challenges, a positive mindset and an overcomer mentality is necessary. One has to be dogged, diligent and persistent, Rome wasn’t build in a day, with time our effort will yield great results.

I think some young Nigerian’s are satisfied with the Status Quo so they just accept things as they are instead of finding ways around the roadblocks. We just need to find creative solutions to our challenges, to read more so we can learn from other people’s experiences, to talk to people who can give great advice, to pray and to attend the right events where we can meet people who will challenge us to do and be better.

As a female saxophonist, have you at any point been faced with a gender issue? Being denied an opportunity to play simply because you are a lady? Does this in any way pass a message to all other women?

I actually haven’t.

My one sensitive question- Do you think that if you weren’t a Christian, You would have succeeded in all you have done so far in life?

I really don’t know. My relationship with God is very important to me and knowing that all things work together for my good really helps me with things don’t happen the way I expect.

Tell us about your favorite books and daily routines. The things that have helped improve your daily productivity.

My favourite book is the Bible, I love Christian fiction novels and African literature too. Having a planner and a to do list helps. I enjoy my work so always strive to be better. Some people I follow that help me stay focused are Stephanie Obi, Lanre Olusola, Dami Oluwatoyinbo, etc Find people who are in your succeeding in your industry and be inspired by all their achievements, let that be one of the things that drives or motivates you when you’re down.

Finally, how would you advice our readers and friends to live unorthodox lifestyles?

Do you, don’t try to be like anyone else. You are unique, Let your star shine. When you feel like giving up, read stories of people who have made it despite all odds, listen to talks, attend events like live your dreams organized by Bankole Williams which is coming up on May 20th. Don’t let excuses hold you back, You can do it!

Thank You Tuke for these inspiring words. I believe it has been inspiring truly. 

Guys, thank you so much for reading this interview today. I hope it really inspires you. 

You can find Tuke on Instagram : Tuke Morgan.

                                  Facebook Page: Tuke Morgan.

If you are a natural Hair enthusiast, you can visit for her hair tips.


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