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I LOVED YOU YESTERDAY- what about tomorrow?

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I met you in a state called perfect. I had dreamed severally of this perfection but reality, I thought perfection was only an illusion, and when I met you, I realized that our dreams become a reality by chance and time. You were more than I had dreamed. Eyes shaped like almonds, filled with purity, they told me every time I looked in them that life can be beautiful even in a world basking in hate. Your aquiline nose that graciously met those beautifully curved lips. I was held spellbound by the grace it spoke; I found no guile in them. If all the beauty ended on those nicely curved face that bore all those features, no one would have said, O creator, your works, aren’t wonderful. His works are indeed amazing! Looking at your hands and your legs and seeing how much time he has taken to create you. Your presence felt like the direct shine of the sun on me, the radiance had no comparison. I concluded, perfection is not an illusion.

I sought your love, for it was worth all the bags of gold and more precious stones to me, it was indeed, a treasure worth keeping. I loved you, you were simply immaculate. My heart is heavy today, and the joy I thought I had has been replaced by great grief and my pains know no bounds. The color of the sun has turned from radiant yellow to bleakness, nothing entices me anymore. Regrettably, I reverted  to former my notion; perfection is an illusion. A man who will not live in misery must understand that to everything in life, there is a season. A time to glow and a time for beauty to fade, besides understanding this, He must appreciate the seasons- the seasons of radiance, beauty and abundance and the seasons of dryness and duskiness. If I had understood it as a young man, I would have enjoyed peace in my heart as an old man. Now, I regret that I only loved yesterday when I thought she was perfect.

Go, take a prostitute and make her your wife. You will have children with her but she will not be faithful to you. He obeyed the instruction of his master and went to marry a prostitute. After her third child, she returned to her whoredom. It was a sad marriage indeed. Master, even with all my love for her, she has refused to remain faithful. In the arms of her lovers that lavish so much luxury on her, the things I cannot afford; expensive clothes and jewelries, has she returned. Why did you ask me to marry her? In my service to you, did I do offend you? With tear-filled eyes, he asked his master these questions.


Have you ever loved somebody so much, it made you cry? Have you ever had to say to yourself that it isn’t worth the pain? Now, you are saying to that person, you know what?  I am done with you, just get out of my life. You are screaming in anger, I have given you everything and I do not deserve this ill-treatment, this disrespect, I cannot tolerate you anymore, just leave. Hold on a second, breath in, breath out. Sit, take a glass of cold water and let’s talk about this. The story of the man who married a prostitute is the story of Hosea in the bible. God had asked him to marry a prostitute. God is intentional. Every instruction he gives has a purpose for it and the reason he asked to marry a woman he knew would go back to her former life was because he wanted us to know that the imperfect could be loved. You do not love them today and choose not to love them tomorrow. I love this song by Kiki Sheard, my flaws you love my flaws, you think they make me beautiful.


I love you are not just mere words. They are my soul’s song for you. It is every part of me telling you, that despite who you are, I appreciate you. I know your shortcomings but I will not judge you. I will rather correct you in love than criticize you. It will not make me happy but I will do it, it will cost me but I have to make this sacrifice, I will look like a fool before everyone but I choose to be mocked. You do not love only when it is convenient. I love writing, so, I sacrifice my beauty sleep to write,my friend loves charity work so she is spending valentine’s day in an orphanage and she’s also going to talk to young girls about purity, Jesus loves you and he chose to give his life for you so that you can live. Love is indeed an amazing thing. Paul wrote to us; Faith, Hope and Love, the greatest of them is love. This is because whatever you do without love is empty.

I read the story of a woman who constantly had her hand eaten by a bird she was trying to feed. The bird would eat her flesh every time she tried to feed it, but instead of quitting the good work, she continued until the bird realized she wasn’t a predator and trusted enough to perch on her. Love humbles you, teaches you to consider others first before you consider yourself. Love endures and it is not easily provoked Love wouldn’t let you see your friend doing something wrong and let him go on. It tells you that you owe your friend the obligation to speak to him/her and pray for him/her. This convicts me. How much is too much to give in the name of Love? How much time, how much money, how much prayer is too much to give in the name of love? Your deeds of love may not be reciprocated, it may feel like there is no effect, like, it is yielding nothing. They only hate you more, hurt you more. Ask yourself, how long is too long to bear the pains of rejection? Think about Jesus, and ask yourself once more, has he grown tired of  loving me despite me? despite your flaws he still wants you to come into his embrace, he wants to show you his love, to teach you how to love every day.

I have written this for you my beloved friends and readers and for myself too. Today, February 14th, I wish us all a heart filled with love. Those in orphanages and in the motherless homes, I wish that hope will be restored to them.

Special appeal: In the spirit of love, please go out of your way to touch someone’s heart not just today but at every opportunity you have.

I am your friend,

Flora Ezeani.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this has touched somebody. Kindly share, with your friends and I would be glad to have your comments in the coment box too. Let me know what you think..



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Adedamola Otun

Great Admonition. Keep up the words of encouragement dear writer. ‘Tis what we all need.


That was an awesome piece… Keep it up dearie