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MONDAY MUSE- lessons from last weekend.

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Lesson 1:

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That grilled chicken was yummy. Our host was just wonderful, Even though being the only lady in the midst of young men made me feel really conscious, I had to enjoy my grilled chicken and bottle of fanta. The meeting was a success, we talked about so much and I managed well to stay awake because the work done earlier that day had left me exhausted. Finally, it ended and I picked my bag and left. I had the intention of taking a bus to Ojuelegba then walk down to the house but when I got to the bus- stop, I changed my mind, “I think I can walk home instead”. I love long walks. Long walks in the evening may look like a kind of punishment but it isn’t for me. It does help you see what life can really look like on the streets of Lagos and it is one form of exercise.

It didn’t look so difficult from the start, so I continued with my walk. I got to a point and I was confused, I don’t want to be declared missing in Lagos. I had to approach a lady, “hi, good evening, Please, If I keeping walking straight down willI get to Ojuelegba? Her face wasn’t welcoming, what I could read from it was, young lady the least I need now is disturbance. “Yes you will but it’s quite far. I would advice that you take a bus. Inside of me, I was like, Oh yeah? I have walked this far already I should take a bus now? I really want to finish this. Thanking her, I pressed on. Eventually, I was at Ojuelegba and I said, didn’t she say it would take me so long, I am here already.

Here is my lesson:

Once you have made up your mind to embark on something, do not let anything or anyone make you change your mind, unless it is extremely necessary to do so.



Why should think so hard, make plans and begin to work then just when you about to complete the task, someone comes to say, hey, I do not see you doing well in this. Yes, they cannot see it because it was your vision not theirs. Visions are mind conceived, not a thing seen by our eyes. Please do not listen to them. Keep moving, do not stop! Here is one book I think people who are scared of pursuing their  dreams should read: The dream giver by Bruce Wilkinson.


Everyone, even those who love you so much want you to be like them. Sleep like them, wake like them, eat like them, walk like them, work like them, BE AN EVERYBODY instead of a SOMEBODY. You have got to say No. Refuse to remain in FAMILIAR.  Don’t take the bus when you have a goal to achieve by walking. Comfort is sweet but when you have to painstakingly get something done, the reward is sweeter. I guess you have heard these words before, read it again, think through it and act on it.

Keep hope alive and keep in mind too that it is the will of your father to prosper. God wants the best for you.

Have a beautiful week. Stay refreshed and stay motivated. Give a smile and show love too.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I would love top read your comments and also do not forget to share.Thank You.

I remain, Flora Ezeani, your friend.

I love you.

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