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Beautiful, Unique and Excellent- with Yemisi Ajeojo.

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Here is one question I have for you, do you think EXCELLENCE is worth pursuing? I have this face cap and it has the word excellent boldly written on it. I wore it to church one day and instead of my friends to call me by my name, they called me by the name on my cap- excellent!

It is no news that everyone in life wants to associate with things that are excellent, great and unique. That is why people who express these traits are always celebrated, and are always seen as role models. The truth is this, as a matter of choice u can be celebrated as well. You can also become excellent. How?

With so much gusto, i am posting  my interview with someone who is not just a beauty but an excellent lady too. I am always thrilled to see young ladies who are fine beyond their appearance. Oluwayemisi Ajeojo is one of such ladies. She has a lot to expose us to, so just relax,get educated and excited too.

Oluwayemisi Ajeojo-undergraduate and founder of

FLORA:    Yemisi it’s really exciting to have you here on unorthodox. Besides your name is there something else you would like us to know about you? 

YEMISI:      I am currently an undergraduate student  studying Accounting for management. I am also the founder of which is an online platform for christian students in the UK.


FLORA:               Which of the cities in the UK?

YEMISI:              Birmingham.

FLORA:              When your parents told you that you will be studying in Birmingham, how did you feel? And so far, how has studying abroad affected you life?

YEMISI:       My parents did not choose for me to study in Birmingham. I studied a university foundation program in Oxford before applying for an undergraduate program in Aston University, Birmingham.

Before I came to study abroad, I had never been away from my family for even one day. I never had sleepovers, camp, boarding school experience or anything like that. So, I was happy when my family decided that I was going to study abroad.

It has not been the easiest experience for me, and not going home often has not made it any easier but I think I have adjusted very well. Studying abroad has given me a lot of exposure, especially exposure to other cultures as there are people from over 120 countries currently studying in my university. The city I live in is also very multicultural so I have had the opportunity to try food from different part of the world as well as get involved in different cultural experiences.                    

Studying abroad has also made me very independent as I have had to learn how to manage almost every area of my life by self since my family is not here.                         

 I have also learnt how to use my own initiative and make key decisions by myself.

FLORA:    As a Nigerian student in Diaspora, what are the extra things besides studies you are involved in over there?

YEMISI:   :  Apart from my studies, I have taken advantage of other extracurricular activities my university offers which enables me to interact with people from other parts of the world. These includes-mentoring scheme where I get to be both a mentor and mentee, networking events, student union activities by (being part of societies on campus and even becoming a leader in these societies), placement year which was optional for international students but I took advantage of it and it definitely helped me to sharpen my personal and professional skill as well as gave me a clearer idea of what I could do when I graduate. I also enjoy traveling, so I try to travel around England as much as I can.

FLORA:     What advice do you have for students studying abroad?

YEMISI: I have always told people that your university experience is what you make out of it.
If you get the opportunity to study abroad, try and get involved in other activities outside the lecture room that would enable you to sharpen your soft skill.

One of the things that I was told when I was coming to study abroad was that I would have a job waiting for me if I moved back home after studying. That of course is not exactly true. There are too many people studying abroad and too many unemployed for you to get offered a job just because you studied abroad.

Try and get involved in as many student activities that you can while you are studying. Try and get work experience in the country you are in. Apart from the practical skills you will acquire, it would set you apart and give you an edge over others. Most importantly, if you can travel !

FLORA:     We have parents who can afford to send their children to school abroad but will not like to…This is because of the fear that the child wouldn’t turn out to be responsible in the end. How can you encourage these parents?          

YEMISI: You know what? Their fears are not illogical. Studying abroad, away from family and everything that is familiar can make or break you. I have seen people make decisions that has ruined their lives because of the freedom and independence that university life provides.
There is really nothing much a parent can do apart from plant the right seed in their child before they come here. Raise up your child in the way that they should grow and when they are old they will not depart from it.
Our lives should not be governed by fear. Yes, things can go wrong but things can also work out really well.
The parents need to think about all the opportunities that is available to their child when they study in a place that is different from the local environment.

FLORA:      Environment is a great influence in one’s life, how can a person manage the influence of his/her environment in his/ her life?

YEMISI: Havilah Cunnington said in one of her sermons that when your yes is secured, your no is easy.
When you know what you are saying yes to, your no becomes automatic.
The level to which your environment affects you depends on your values and the standard that you have set for yourself. To withstand temptation, you need to be connected to something stronger.
I am a Christian, and my relationship with God is what has set the standard I live by. There are certain things I wouldn’t do or get involved in just because my intimacy with God is very important. Even when I fail sometimes, God’s love, mercy and grace makes it easy for me to get back on track.

So, I would say there is only so much you can do by your strength in overcoming the pressures your environment brings to you.

Think deeply about the person you want to be known as and what you want to do in future and evaluate whether the decision you make now will draw you closer or away to that goal. Do not be afraid to stand out, and always remember to surround yourself with the same value.
I am not an expert on this topic, but that is my advice.

FLORA:    Yemisi U are a strong lady with a heart for Christ. As a young person the importance of being social cannot be under emphasized. How do you not allow your faith to be affected by your peers? 

YEMISI: Awwww, thank you very much.
If you see anything in my life that you like, know that it is because of God’s love, mercy and grace.

The people around me, are part of the reasons I am who I am today. I am very grateful that I have friends that are absolutely amazing (shout out to my BOL squad). We are always helping each out to grow and learn.

If you are reading this and you feel like your peers are affecting your faith, remember that the choice is up to you. How much influence are you going to allow other people have over your life?

The bible says that bad company corrupts good manners.

FLORA:     It can be overwhelming to feel unique and beautiful. I don’t know if you agree… Can u share a time in your life when u felt weak and insecure? How did you overcome?

YEMISI:    To be fair, every time I think of my purpose and everything that God wants me  to do, I feel very weak and inadequate. My life is not about me really. It is about God and I know that what he wants me to do, he will do through me all I have to do is to walk in obedience and total submit to him.

There is no amount of success or great achievement that will silence the voice of the enemy. What you choose to do with those lies is up to you. I like to journal a lot, so I have a long list of everything that God has called me to do and then I remind myself that he hasn’t called me to fail.If He is asking me to do a, b and c, he will make a,b, and c happen as long as I continue to submit and surrender my life to him. The word of God, fills me with his truth and drives out every lie that can cause fear or discouragement. If you need more advice, I wrote a blog post about dealing inadequacy here

About insecurity, I am aware that a lot of people deal with this issue whether consciously or subconsciously. The question is what have you built your identity on?

Whether we know it or not, our lives are driven by something and insecurity comes when we do not have what we think we need to be complete. We start thinking `I am not good enough’’, ‘I am not worthy’ etc.

There are times that I have been very insecure about a lot of things that are personal to me. I know the risk that insecurity can pose in how you treat yourself, others and the relationships you choose to get involved in. Insecurity can easily make you a slave to the opinion of others which is not always in your best interest.

I am currently learning to see myself through the way that God sees me, and that is helping me to overcome a lot of these insecurities. I am coming to fully understand and believe that I am complete in him who  created me.  (colosians 3:10)

FLORA:    Thank you so much Yemisi, I will not hide the fact that i have learnt from all these and I am pretty sure that there are people who have read this and have been inspired by it.

You can keep in touch with Yemisi on-

Facebook: Ajeojo Yemisi

Visit her blog-

Dear readers, thank you so much for taking your time to read this and i crave your  indulgence to please read and share with your friends. If you also have a story you will like to share, i would be very pleased to have it here for everyone to read. All you have to do is send me an email or contact me on any of my social media accounts.


Facebook: Chineyen Ezeani

Twitter: floradavid4j

Instagram: flora_david

Always keep in mind that I love you and because of this love, I am out to feed you with healthy mind food!!

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This is a great interview. It is filled with inspiring thoughts. Thanks to you both for this. However, I feel you should have allowed her to talk about her lively stones project and other projects. Thanks

Olawale Ayodele

This was a great interview. It’s filled with inspiring thoughts. Thanks to you both for this. However, I feel you should have allowed her to talk about her lively stones project and other projects. Thanks


Hello Olawale, thank you for reading the post and for your kind comment.

I am happy to answer any questions you have about Lively Stones UK etc.

You can contact me on either of the following.
Facebook: Yemisi Ajeojo
Twitter: @yemisi_ajeojo

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Oluwayemisi Ajeojo

Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog Chinenye.x


Thank you so much for the feature Chinenye.x