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My inner critic

Flora 8

I faced my writer’s block for about thirty-one days until I silenced my inner critic. Shut up Jack! I had to scold him. I am sick and tired of your…


Flora 2

New week! One rule of work. Hey guys, it is a new week and another Monday. Some of us dread Mondays but whether you choose to love it or you…

Thirty one days ago

Flora 7

Thirty one days ago I met a young man, Whose skin was light like soap made of oil from palms? I could see his masculinity- shoulders and legs. Dazzled I…


Flora 0

Dear Monday, You are here today. Clinging to my pillows, I refused to wake, I knew it was you at the door, It was just 5am. I sent you messages…

MONDAY MUSE- lessons from last weekend.

unorthodox 0

Why should think so hard, make plans and begin to work then just when you about to complete the task, someone comes to say, hey, I do not see you doing well in this.