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Posts published by “Flora”

Flora Ezeani is the initiator of unorthodoxyou, a project she decided to start to address different societal and lifestyle issues. A diploma holder in Banking and finance, who will in the nearest future like to use the skills and Knowledge acquired in this field to help solve corporate financial problems of companies. She is a passionate writer, presently writing for and managing the website of orangevfx studios in Lagos. Besides writing, she loves to encourage people. MANTRA: LIVE,LOVE LEARN.

Victor the virtuous.

Flora 4

It was a windy Thursday night at 9 pm and Victory was bored. With no clue of what to do and convinced that sleeping was not an option to consider,…

WRITE WELL: Another rule of work.

Flora 0

Excellent Monday for excellent people. Monday says be formal, we don’t like rules but imagine what the society will be like if there weren’t any. So, from this book I…

How I got the big gap.

Flora 18

We are going to the dentist to know what we can do about this tooth. When school is on holiday, I will take you to the hospital mom told me.…


Flora 2

Remember me when I am gone away,    Gone far away into the silent land;            When you can no more hold me by the hand,   Nor I half…

My inner critic

Flora 8

I faced my writer’s block for about thirty-one days until I silenced my inner critic. Shut up Jack! I had to scold him. I am sick and tired of your…


Flora 2

New week! One rule of work. Hey guys, it is a new week and another Monday. Some of us dread Mondays but whether you choose to love it or you…