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Dare to be different.

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It has really been a long time I wrote something with all the love in my heart, okay, I do write every day because I am a content creator at orange Vfx studios but that is different from sharing things the way they are in my heart. This is a personal experience and, yes, I decided that I was going to stop sharing personal stories on this blog but I really couldn’t help this.

To be plain honest as I write this, I am yet to write a title for this post. I just know I was stirred by a post on the blog which I shared last year.

You can read it here, I shared my thoughts about your perception of how others live from what they do.

One quick question. How do you deal with toxic thoughts and toxic people? How do you deal with fear and anxiety, anger? And the pain these feelings bring you? Life and its ironies can be overwhelming. We are in one place and think, “if I was in this other place, I think I will be happier. I spent eight months of this year away from home, away from my family, my beloved, and my friends in church, from work and everything that made me sane, lol. At some point, I was really sad because I wanted to spend time with these people I loved so much. I couldn’t wait to get back home.

When I finally got home, I wanted that feeling of having everything in perfect place, of having everyone around every time. I got a job, so I get out of the house every morning and that is satisfying for me. I had my siblings around but we always had fights, that is not abnormal by the way, I saw my friends in church and we interacted too. But there were issues, my health was challenging, I fell ill every week. I discovered some things that stole my peace and I had to fight every day for my peace.

Now this story is my story but I am sure I am alone, I believe that there are people who also face this challenge. You desire one thing and get another thing instead. They leave you terrified and less optimistic about the future too. We all see people who dress up in pretty dresses, and laugh hard and like to shake up the whole places. These are really great stuff to do, I love people like this because they make us see the colours in the world, but it is possible that they do not have their lives as colourful as they make others see it.

I am not implying that everyone who comes with so much excitement does have issues they are battling with. We may have people like that who have boundless happiness and no worries. I am honestly happy for those people.

This is my charge for everyone when you are interacting with your friends, try to look them in the eyes. When you say how are you, ask them again if really they are fine. A pastor said last week that simply because he told a lady her hair was nice, she did not go ahead with her suicide plan. You may also save a life if you give compliments too, and please, be genuine with it. It is really important. The world is filled with hate and anger and people are dying every day in silence because no one genuinely cares for them or reaches out to them.

Dare to be different. Decide today to become that one man who will give hope to those who do not have hope, give smile to everyone. And if you are in the position where you need someone to talk to, find someone you can trust and talk to that person too.

If you will like to talk to me, you can send me an email, with your phone number and I will reach out to you.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

I am your friend, Flora.

I love you.





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