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Failure Counts- First Entry.

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We are starting another series tagged, “failure counts“. We will be sharing stories of people who failed at something at one in their life but who did not let it be a factor or an excuse to give up. This story is the story of a young lady who failed as a banker and was thrown into the street. What choice did she make? Did she allow the job she lost determine her future? Find out!!

“Let’s sleep with the man as he requested and get this done. Closing this deal will be our greatest achievement and we will retain our place in the office.” CHIOMA said with such ease. Still trying to recover from these words of hers that came to me like a shock she added, “Don’t tell me you haven’t been in this situation before.”

CHIOMA was my fellow worker in one of the prestigious banks in Nigeria, both of us had worked in the bank for the past 3years as marketers and since we entered we have hit our target by the banks except the last one which l failed to hit.

I always look up to her charisma, dressing and the way she talks. She was always the first to hit any target set. We all envy her speed at delivery of works. Then I met this particular customer who she also is interested in. But the condition facing here is evil, “Sleep with me!”

CHIOMA you know I can’t do such a thing? Moreover, you sound as if this is not bothering you, I cried. She laughed and said jokingly “that’s the only way to survive”. I felt bad and tried talking her out of her ideology but to no avail. That night I prayed for long asking God to help change the man’s heart but to no avail.

But after the prayers, that night fears still grip throughout my thought. That night to me was the longest night since my lifetime, I tried picturing all the possible consequences of refusing man’s condition and the more I give it a thought the more I see myself being helpless but to fall for him. “No I won’t,” I said to myself, is against my faith and my conviction.

I didn’t fall to that and it was my end working for the bank because my target for the first and second quarter year was not achieved.

Still evergreen, the day I received a letter to quit work. I can’t control my emotions, tears flow and regrets set in. Thoughts flew in and out of my head, but thank God I never blasphemed him.

I decided to hold onto God to see me through the situation. But I have to do something. I moved out to find another work, but at an interview when I am being asked why I was thrown out of your first Job, I always gave them my honest answer and this keeps me looking for another job after that interview.  It repeated itself until after one day I decided not to do this again.

I decided to venture into self-development and public speaking. I read many books, with the help of my parents and siblings I pick up a second-degree course in managerial science which is one of the hallmarks of my personal development.

It all started when I picked up the second-degree program, one thing leads to another I started motivating friends around, then students in the first-degree program, to youth churches.

When I finished school I was offered a job as a firm marketing manager but I turned it down because it won’t give me time for my oratory. I opened a consulting firm. I train newly employed marketers for firms across the nation. I am successful so much that I can’t achieve if I remain in the bank working.

Yes, I have my time, my will, my freedom and finally my work but still, I never compromise.

My failure never stopped me, no, it was a motivating tool. Failure will only count when you fail honourably, and when you do don’t panic is never the end, look above the situation and make a great fortune out of it.

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