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You must have heard that content is king. What good is a content if it doesn’t get lots of views as a video, loads of reads as a blog post, retweets, likes and shares on Facebook or even subscribe to the channel it is was uploaded? You may even need people to dislike it to show the extent of negativity.

What is content? Content is high quality, useful information that conveys a story presented in a contextually relevant manner with the goal of soliciting an emotion or engagement. There are different forms of contents but our focus is on digital content.

We also need to understand digital content – products available in digital form. Digital Content also known as digital media typically refers to music, images, text, audio, videos files, graphics and animations that are available for download or distribution on electronic media. These days, you can’t go one mouse click without stumbling on digital content. {source: pcmag}

In summary, content is information designed for consumption, seasoned for enjoyment, and packaged to share. {source: toprankblog}

Most people do not create anything for themselves. The essence of taking the time to research, write, edit and share your knowledge is for others to share from what you have learnt; so does a content creator. If you make a content even if it is a comedy skit, you don’t want to keep on your laptop and open it every morning to watch and laugh alone. There is more happiness in looking at your analytics and seeing that your video has over a million views.

What is viral content?

A Viral Content is any upload on the web that receives massive interactions from online visitors within a short period Whatever you put up on the internet, that suddenly becomes an online sensation, can be described as a viral content.

“You have a very high probability of your quote and your name being distributed, posted, and shared around the world!”
―Ken Poriot.

A viral content most times shares itself. What this means is that you may not need to pay for Ads and social media promotion to reach your target audience. It spreads organically, by simply uploading. It is easy for some contents to spread rapidly across the web while for other kinds of content, you may need to push so hard to get likes and shares by online visitors.


This is a question for you to answer. On Twitter or YouTube, what are the tweets you retweet or the videos you like and share on YouTube? What makes you tag your friend to a picture on Instagram or share a post from one social media account to another? You got that right, because it has stirred something inside of you and you are certain it will do the same to your friend, and your friend shares with another friend who shares with another friend and so on – well, the world is just a connection of people and content thrives or dies on these connections.


A 30 character tweet has 25k likes and 17k retweets and your carefully thought out 160 character quote has a mere 20 likes and 13 retweets. If you are being paid to create content and manage a social media platform and the latter is your result, your employer may prepare your sack letter.

Observations have been made and conclusions have been reached that the most rapidly shared contents are filled with: Controversy, Change and Conflict. While those that are not easily shared are those filled Values, Education and Ideas. Why? Many people like to be entertained, so if that content will educate them, they will not mind being entertained first.


While creating content, the first thing or maybe the last thing you will be concerned about is the Title or Headline. You want to attract readers to your blog, or viewers to your YouTube channel, you need to find a sensational title to attract people. You should, however, note that some titles that are catchy or sensational may not be searchable. Your title may be catchy but if Mrs XYZ wants to search for something on the web will she find your video or your website on the search engine? Think carefully while choosing your titles.


Here are some useful tips that can help you while creating content that you would like to go viral.

  • Create evoking content that arouses different kinds of emotions like amusement, awe and anger. People are more likely to share with their friends videos on the web that stir a certain kind of emotion in them.
  • Write stories. Stories are powerful, they are a great way of connecting with your audience.
  • Do not create posts or make videos for everybody. Yes, have an audience. Know your audience and provide content that will benefit this audience directly.
  • Add value. There has to be some value your content will add to the lives of the people who consume it. You don’t want people wasting their time on your content. If they feel that way, next time, they will not visit your channel.
  • Be consistent with your posts.
  • Ensure you entertain. Let people enjoy the feeling you have stirred in them.
  • Use different social media platforms. Do not confine your content to one platform. After uploading on one channel, take that content to other channels. They may not perform at the same level there, but that is really fine.


Orange VFX published “Ovie and Wale: EE don Show” video on YouTube in September 2013 and within a short period had over 12,000 views. The total number of views must have been significantly higher excluding the number of downloads from the internet and peer to peer sharing such as Bluetooth on mobile phones. Even children from different parts memorized the entire wording of the episode. That is a record success. Here are the reasons.

The originality of content: The Initiative was to create something that really expresses the mind and character of a Nigerian, we can safely say that is content by Nigerian for Nigerian

The mix of old-school nostalgia. This was the entertaining mix in the video. Having to refer to the old school way of having fun with a friend, with an old TV still using a manually controlled antenna.

The fact that most people were able to relate with parts of the storyline. These included the dance steps- shoki, Azonto, Etighi.

This is the best part, that video was in 3D animation. 3D is relatively rare in this part of the world, which is something really new and sensational. People love sensational things.

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Do all these descriptions match your definition of a viral content? Do you have more contributions? Please leave them in the comment box for us to learn from you too. Kindly share with your friends if you think this was a great piece and you got something from it.

Talking about a typical viral content, I guess you saw this one.

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