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How To Create A Winning Plan for 2018

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Many made good New Year resolutions, set new targets and hope they will achieve so much in 2018. But why most of these plans don’t come to reality is that they are less of a winning plan to have a fulfilling year. To create a winning plan for 2018, here are five steps to guide you:

  1. Reflect on last year

The mistake most people make when planning for this year is that they don’t consider their 2017. When drafting a plan, ponder on what you did best last year and why you didn’t meet some of your set goals. When you are done with this, think about the new habits you need to cultivate, the new skill sets you need to acquire, or even the network you need to leverage on in 2018 to achieve your set goals. Don’t set out plans for this New Year without critically deliberating on the previous year.

  1. Highlight your weaknesses and strengths

You will save yourself a lot of complications when planning for the year if you can highlight the things you are very good and likewise, the ones you are struggling with. The essence of this is to be able to build on your strengths and include in your plan, a strategy to improve on your weaknesses. You don’t have to make it a priority to work on all your weaknesses this year but identifying them makes you conscious and safeguards you from slipping.

  1. Have a mindset reorientation

Winning is a mindset, even when life throws you to the misty lowland, you need to have a winning mindset to pick yourself back up and purse you dreams. Unfortunately, no one will do this for you, you have to pay the price of building this mindset. A trick to develop this mindset is to read the successful stories of others and learn from how they bounced back from failures and turned the situation around to resounding success. You could include in your plan for this year to read about five successful persons in your field of interest every month.

  1. Network with those with focus

Check if those in your life presently are interested in you achieving your goals. The company you keep will determine how you perceive your challenges. When creating a winning plan for 2018, include those in your network that will be instrumental in you hitting some of your milestones. In addition, highlight the kind of people you want to attract that will bring you closer to your set goals. Your network is your net worth.

  1. A winning plan is measurable

A plan that you cannot measure will be very difficult to assess. To create a winning plan, break it down so that you know how to determine how far you’ve gone achieving your goals. Just like in project management where you know the stage a project is, you should be able to know for instance in July, 2018 how much you’ve covered and what is left undone. Consider your plan as a project that has events and events.

Every moment of your life should be filled with determination that we can achieve a lot if you can only make a commitment to stay true to a winning plan. A plan is a necessity to becoming relevant and avoiding wishing thinking. A winning plan takes you closer to your dreams, targets and goals. With it, you can be assured of a secured desirable result.

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