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Nigerian Movie Industry

The movie industry in Nigeria Is a very interesting subject, it enompasses so much, like every other movie industry. There is something unique about this one, you know what it is? The reaction of Nigerians to the movies made in Nigeria.

I used to think that festivals were just a kind of periodic religious celebration until I heard of the InshortFilm festival. My company, Orange VFX studios (one of the best 3D animation studios) was going there for training, more like to really educate Nigerians about animation and the trends. You must have seen the Ovie and Wale video that went viral some years ago, I watched how people watched and repeated the lines as we played it there for them. You know that feeling you have when you are a part of a big thing, something really appreciated, that was how I felt.

Back to the movie festival. One may not really know that we have lots of film makers in Nigeria, but whose fault really? These guys seem almost non- existent. Twice this year, we wanted to have film shows in church and the deliberation of what movie it was the going to be came up. “should we watch a Nigerian Christian film or an American Christian Film? (funny thing is, we call all white foreign films American films). You can guess correctly which was first mentioned. After so much deliberations and search for a great movie, we decided to find a Nigerian Film and that was when we found HAUNTED, I liked this one.

There is the usual “I don’t like or I don’t watch Nigerian films I get all the time. Why do Nigerians not watch Nollywood movies? Once, I told my mom my kids are never going to watch African magic. Here are my reasons, and I think lots of other Nigerians can relate with this too.

  • They portray a wrong image of Nigerians. Most of these movies do nothing but show Nigerians as people who have a low I.Q, and incapable of doing nothing but play pranks and swindle others using diabolic means. Other countries make movies like this too but even black magic has some kind of appealing tech means applied to it.

    The Nigerian Movie Industry
    A herbalist uses a laptop? Can we be more real?
  • Grammar. The school an average Nigerian child attends doesn’t teach the use of English properly. Our Film makers worsen it by allowing actors and actresses speak wrong English, and subtitles have spelling errors too. If this is not changed, I will maintain my stance, no African Magic for my kids.
  • Same storyline. They keep acting the same thing. Same love movies, same village scenes, I think if we pay close attention, we may hear the same lines. This is not only uninteresting, it is also not creative. We are creative people, I know that. They just do not want to take time to write quality scripts, people want quick money.

    The Nigerian Film Industry
    A movie has a great storyline, another producer picks it, tweaks it a little and another film is out.
  • There is nothing to look out for, nothing to learn in most cases.

    The Nigerian Movie Industry
    Why will I want to watch this?

We all have our reasons for not paying attention to Nigerian Movies too. You can leave yours in the comment box too.

Festivals like Inshort Film festival are to celebrate Nigerian Short films. The ones I saw at the festival were cool. I liked the fact that some addressed contemporary issues in Nigeria like Ritual Killings by Taxi Drivers, Suicide bombings by young girls and resilience in mastery of one’s craft. Most films just have sex scenes and promote the use of profane Languages.

To end this, I would like state that, it is not an easy task to put a script together, I have tried it before but I couldn’t go on because of the technicality involved and I think we all need to respect those that write the scripts produced as movies. If someone writes a good script, I think it should be promoted, money should be invested in it to produce a good movie. This is my earnest opinion.

Do you think that Nollywood would change soon? What are the changes you hope to see in Nollywood to make you appreciate them? Please leave your comments in the box.

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