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How to Cultivate the Habit of Reading Books

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What you become is a function of the books you’ve drawn inspiration from. If you’ve been so curious about getting result, the habit of reading books set you at a pace that stands you out. Cultivating the habit of reading books that are not part of your academic pursuit might not interest you at first since it doesn’t add to your semester GPA but it is essential to note that your academic is just a subset of your personal development. When you read books, you are positioning yourself as a global problem solver, leveraging on the wisdom of sages and fine-tuning your thought process beyond the ordinary.

The First Step to Reading Books

Benjamin Franklin said an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. The greatest investor today, Warren Buffet read a book in 1950 titled ‘The Intelligent Investor’ written by Benjamin Graham at the age of 19. He was curious about getting financial results and six decades down the line, this singular book exposed Warren Buffet to a dynamic financial framework and has greatly influenced his investment choices. Many folks call him a genius but in reality, a book changed his though-process. To cultivate the habit of reading books start with books that focuses on your interest. Warren was interested in financial intelligence, which made ‘The Intelligent Investor’ very inspiring for him, if yours is public speaking, you can pick up ‘The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Public Speaking‘ by Dale Carnegie.

Read Books that Feeds your Interest

When you are saturated with books that align with your interest, you can diverge to reading books that makes you work on your weakness. If you are an entrepreneur but lacks adequate business pitching skills, you can read books that focus on this area. Reading books equip you with knowledge that was painstakingly discovered by others. A person must have been in your situation and conceived a formula for overcoming the delinquent, reading books save you the stress of trial-and-error. When you are done reading these books, it is left for you to actively apply the principles contained in the books thus developing your incompetence. Read books over and again until you are sure to develop your codes in handling similar situations.Reading a book

Read Actively to Seek Knowledge

The desire to seek for knowledge should make you read. When you have knowledge you become an authority that people want to hear talk. You will be referred to as a success just like how Warren Buffet is celebrated today. Feedbacks make you push harder, when you are done reading a book, discuss what you’ve learnt with your network. This illuminates their thinking and fires you up to read more books so as to keep the conversation going. You can write an article about what you’ve learnt from a book you just finish reading and post it on your social media that is the first step to be a thought leader. The social media is a good platform to hear both positive and negative comments especially if you think your friends might be bias in their responses.

Be Determined to Read

Cultivating the habit of reading books takes sincere determination to improve your thought process and decision-making mechanism. When you read books, you are feeding on the mistakes and successes processes of those that have gone before you. No one will bother demonstrating gravitational force because Isaac Newton already detailed how he performed the experiment years back. If you care about knowing the past, determining what the present possess and setting the paths for the future, you must start reading books.

Check out these books that my made 2017. Comment below if you want suggestions about books that suit your interest, we will be glad to help you out.


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Dozie Ethelbert

Great one. From today, I marry more books.


Thank for this info.. But I wish to ask what books shud I read.. If I want to to m financially free..


One of the reasons people don’t read is lack of determination. Nobody becomes a voracious reader from birth, you cultivate it. Thank you for this piece, I loved it.