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Thank God I am a Nigerian. Did I just wake up to the reality of my Nationality? No, I just did not see anything beautiful, inspiring and worth being grateful for as a Nigerian in Nigeria.

We had a long service on Sunday. During service, the time for testimony came. I listened with little interest to the testimonies of my brethren and clapped as each person finished. 

Only one of these testimonies stuck. The testifier was narrating his son’s experience at the international airport. There was total blackout and they used candles to check passports. Everyone broke into laughter. I scoffed. Guess what? It was made a prayer point that morning.


I am grateful to you that I am a Nigerian, that my country has internal crises and we are uncertain of Her fate in the nearest future but we are grateful there is no war yet. That we can still move around in peace.

I am also grateful for the climate of my country. From childhood till date, I have never experienced or heard of any natural disaster in my country. Maybe there have one in the distant past but it is history now.

My grandma tells me lots of stories about the civil war sometimes, I don’t like sad tales so I pay attention sometimes, other times, I text or just bury my face in a book. She still reels off her experiences regardless of my attitude towards it. Mama has never mentioned anything really terrible that has happened in Nigeria besides the civil war.

Our economy has gone through severe depression that left Her citizens depressed as well. People committed suicide and we felt the economy had a hand in this, we may be wrong, but we are sure that people were depressed. Things are not perfect yet, some Nigerians still find it difficult to feed but things are getting better.



Who should we blame for this slavery? The colonial masters or Us? Grandma said on Independence day, “ndi ocha a n’ele ka ndi Nigiria si agba independence ( I hope I spell correctly all igbo words the next time I type in Igbo, but that simply meant, “are the white men watching us celebrate independence).

I live in a Nigeria where good people have lost hope and those who still have some left think it’s only a fickle wish.

I live in a Nigeria where children whose parents cannot send to school sit by the roadside and beg for alms or are sent with heavy trays on their heads to hawk in the traffic.

I live in a Nigeria where leaders are not accountable to nobody while corruption is fighting corruption.

I live in a Nigeria where everyone knows everything that is wrong but can only curse and complain about it and young people make cartoons of their leaders to mock their mistakes.

I do not know if this a sign of the end time like the word of God puts it: Nation rising against itself, it has happened in many other countries but I am concerned about my beloved country.

I wish the dreams of every Nigerian child will be fulfilled. There are only few who would dare dream to plant in Nigeria, some do not dream anymore. They are simply glad to have anything they find when they wake from sleep every day.

An average Nigerian parent’s dream for his/her child: Finish secondary school, get admission to the university, spend the time required for the course, graduate and get a job. How many parents celebrate the realization of this dream?

Can we wake up to see a New Nigeria? A Nigeria where the hope of her children are still alive and breathing fine? A Nigeria whose citizens do not think that the green pastures are only in America and Europe.

A Nigeria were tribes are just small members of the body that carry out their function so that the BIG BODY  can work well and not fight to become recognized as individuals living independently of themselves.

A Nigeria that everyone will on the 1st of October every year celebrate her independence and post proudly pictures of our great country and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, greeting one another with Joy and happiness in our hearts.

My friend said we call Nigeria with our mouths but Biafra is in our Hearts.

Dear Nigeria

I hope that soon you will become a place where all the broken dreams of HER children will be fulfilled. Then we will sing harmoniously, One Nigeria, good people and dance to the melody of Happiness.


Permit me to still wish you all HAPPY INDEPENDENCE.

I hope you digested these messages well and please let us continue to pray for our country. Kindly share this post and leave comments too. I would love to hear from everyone who reads this.












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I love this post .
God bless Nigeria

Adedamola Otun
Adedamola Otun

Awesome write up Flora. God bless Nigeria.


Just lost of words while I think..