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“It takes a strong man to hold on but a stronger man to let go (DozieEthelbert)”

This is a quote I coined and had come to love so much in recent time. Why?

I discovered that ‘let it go’ had more things embedded to it than uttering just those mere words. There are many things to actually ‘let go.’

A friend of mine was sharing with me how she wants to make it big in no distant time. I asked her “why?” and her response was to prove a point to an uncle of hers who saw no worth in her and often talked down on her.

I felt for her, having to know what such attitude could cause a  young lady of her age. It affected her esteem. She wanted such commendations from that uncle, but it wasn’t coming. 

This lead to years of grudges in her heart.

Sad, Woman, Sorrow, Sadness, Young, Grief, Unhappy

Many must have experienced cases of rape, intimidation, deprivation, starvation, abuse, broken relationship(s) and unimaginable experiences. Few friends have told me of how they have been hurt in some way or another and how they will prove a point when this or that happens.

And I ask within me, “is it worth it?” Many are already having the vendetta mindset.

Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe, the author of the popular ‘our daily manna devotional’ once wrote:

“Can you move a car forward looking at the rear mirror?”

And the answer is a big “NO”, so also our lives and our future.

We are not living to prove a point to anybody, we are not living to fight an unfinished fight from the past.

We succeed because it is due time and have made reasonable efforts to bring us to stardom.

Those words from our past might have hurt us, but it never determined where or who we are. The truth is, it is possible that a lot and many gave up on you but you never gave up on yourself, that is why you are who and where you are.

So many, even if they don’t mention it, are embittered, filled with hate and have kept malice due to what happened to them before. When they couldn’t stand for themselves or fight on their own. They finally grow up as ‘broken adult.’

You are strong to have kept and nurtured all those years of pain but you are stronger to let it go.

You alone had determined what you become, and you alone can become as happy and cheerful as you are meant to be. Do not judge the future with the past.

Let go hate!

Let go fights!

Let go those years, you were deprived of what was rightfully yours because you could barely say or do anything!

Written by Dozie.

Dozie is a final year student in Federal University of Technology Owerri studying Project Management. He is an ardent reader and loves traveling. He is one of the few young Nigerians that believes that Nigeria can be a nation of our dreams and a land to reckon with. This has spurred him into politics and he hopes that he would become the governor of Enugu state someday.

You can connect with Dozie on facebook

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