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My sister Mercy, is a very beautiful girl , so much so that everyone in our street wanted to reckon with her, even I always looked up to her as a beauty to behold. But Mercy had a problem, she was like the step mother in snow white. She wanted to become the most beautiful girl in our street and every where she went.

Trying to convince her that she was truly beautiful the was she looked was a waste of time because she always felt she was being deceived.

She became obsessed with her looks and desired to look more beautiful and this led her to using and changing creams regularly to look beautiful and flawless. All she wanted was to look better than any girl she met.

In her quest, she was tricked into buying this particular cream. In a short span of time, about one week, she noticed that her skin was peeling off. It got so bad that even the skin on her face was peeling off and we could see the inner skin.

She was taken to get seek medical attention and some antibiotics were prescribed which she took. This helped to stop the peeling and she recovered.

One would have thought that she would learn a lesson from this, little did we know that this obsession had culminated.

Her makeup addiction.

Mercy began to spend huge sum of money on make up, she spent as much as N25,000 in a week, she shopped beauty and skin care products often all in a bid to look better the next popular girl any where she went to. She never went anywhere without applying make up.

We made plans to go out on this particular day and after searching frantically for her make up kits for some time, she felt restless and I realized how addicted she was to her makeup and she has allowed this addiction rub off on her.

Today, I discovered my beloved sister has lost something due to this addiction- she has lost her self esteem. My beloved sister cannot go out of the house without applying layers of makeup and without dressing up to kill. She is no longer confident in herself, she will always seek about three or four opinions, seeking to know how beautiful she looked. The opinions did not really matter though, because she always went back to apply more of these make up products.

There was so much consciousness of how she looked, she walked the street looking at mirrors of cars and any other mirror she could find. She never went out without her makeup kit in her bag. She has completely lost confidence in her beauty and doesn’t think she is attractive without it.

I just wish she will realize she is obsessed with beauty and pray this obsession will not drive her into the dark side of life.


Quote on Addiction: Addiction is a family disease. One person may use, but the whole family suffers. | 'What Experts Say: Can Addiction Be Unlearned?' -


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