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“In the month of April 2015, we went to a particular village. The men and women in this village all looked happy and contented. We saw the way they carried out their usual life activities, walked slowly yet so beautifully and we figured there was nothing we could do for them.

We looked around for a good hotel but did not find any around them and decided to go out-of-town to find a lodge. The next week, we were going around and discovered that they had only one source of water- a stream. YES!! We figured it, we will build a bore hole so they do not have to walk so far to fetch water that is not healthy anymore.

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? We had taken away their place for bonding and consolation. This had led them to depression.
They loved the stream where they not only fetched water but also had time to share their problems.


 We went ahead to carry out a boreholes construction project and we completed it in no time. We felt good, we were saving lives, at least we felt that way. Then we left the village and came back to the city.

One year after, there was another project that took us to the same village and while we went around, we discovered that the women there all looked depressed. The men drank more alcohol then they used to drink and the children looked unkempt. What could be the problem, bewildered, we asked on another.

We decided to ask the villagers what the problem was. The first woman we spoke to told us how incessantly she was fighting her husband and how there was no one to talk to about this problem. In the past years, even when she had problems with her husband, she would keep them to herself, and wait till she goes to the stream with other women to fetch water. There, they shared their problems, laughed and cried, basically, it was a consolation center to them.

We had taken away their place for bonding and consolation. This had led them to depression. We thought we had provided a solution to a problem, well, maybe we gave a solution to a problem, but that problem wasn’t their problem.

(This is a story narrated by motivational speaker, architect and entrepreneur Nike Adenowo in a youth leadership conference I attended last year.)

P.S: This was not written exactly the way she narrated it, I infused somethings because I can’t remember the exact story, I just kept the lesson learnt from it.


This morning, I was reading a devotional I just got. This writer narrates how she met someone who is so hurt and needed peace. She spoke to her and while they spoke, the woman cried and kept asking her question after question. She felt mightily endowed with knowledge as she answered the entire questions. But she noticed there was no connection between the both of them.

Then she heard the Holy spirit say to her, “simplify, simplify”. When she broke down the message for the woman to understand, she realized a connection was built between the both them.

After reading this, I thought for a while, it occurred to me that most times, we embark on great projects that do not serve any needs. Like the company that built the bore hole for that village, we think we are solving great problems that humanity may be facing, especially in this era of HI-Tech facilities and awesome inventions.

 Everyday, as I ride in buses from where I work on the island to my house on the mainland, I don’t like to read because I want to take in the view of those men and women of different ages and sizes with their stuffs either on their heads or their hands while some of them are running after vehicles to ensure they get paid for the things  gotten from them and I am wondering, is this the best life for them?

I was in the bus with a colleague one day and told him about how concerned I was about these hawkers. He looked at me and smile, do you know how much they make on this bridge? I still did not think it was good enough for them to be on a bridge hawking. They should have a better life.

 I always think of some way to help them or pray someone figures out how to take them away from there without leaving them in a poorer state.

My colleague said something profound, listen he said, “what you perceive as problem for this guys may not be their problem. Even if you offer to take them out of this place, they still will not accept to leave. If they do not find value in what you are offering, they will not buy it”.

Bam!! That opened my eyes.

So you want to sell a product and this person is not buying, first ask, am I offering value for this person’s money? Or maybe it is a relationship, you should ask yourself, am I giving value for this person’s time?

To give value is to serve a need. To give something a person really needs, if you write and nobody reads what you write, you should pause and ask yourself, am  I writing what people resonate with? Now, I am asking myself, do I write what people resonate with?

Can someone please answer this for me?

I asked myself this morning while I thought about this post, does unorthodox serve any need?

This is an open-ended question guys and I would love to have your feed-backs in the comment box.


If you really have to sell anything to anyone, you should be sure that it is something they really need at that particular period.

If you are convinced that they really need it but cannot see how they need it, then please try to change their mind. It may not be immediate, but it would pay off.

Have an awesome Monday.

Have a great week and smash goals.

I remain your friend,

Flora Ezeani.

I love you.



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Dozie Ethelbert

Sure, unorthodox is serving a need. Just a little touch and time.
Beautiful write-up by the way.