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The change I want to see,

must first begin with me…

Have you heard that song? That’s actually a cliche tho. 


This fear of change is popularly referred to as ” the tyranny of the familiar”. It is precisely what turns Christians into “old wineskins.” New wine is still expanding, and an old wineskin is one that is too rigid and inflexible to hold new wine.

It is comforting to know that the Lord never changes. However, if we are going to be like him, most of us have a lot of Changing to do! Until we are like him and doing the works that he did, we are not finished with the process yet. Therefore, we can expect a lifetime of changing. One of the ways that the Lord keeps us flexible is to “pour us into a new vessel” whenever we become too comfortable and resistant to change. We may think that the shocking changes that happen in our lives are the result of the devil’s attack, but even if they are, the Lord had allowed them. Many of these changes are possibly even in answer to our prayers not to become old wineskins.

If we remain open to the changes He wants to bring, including the new things he is doing that we may not understand yet, we probably will not have to endure nearly the amount of shaking that we will otherwise would. If we are wise, we will learn to embrace change as the great opportunity for spiritual growth that it is. 

Usually when we are resistant to change, it is because we are placing our security in our environment instead of in the Lord.

I think I do not know a single Christian who has not been through some kind of traumatic church problem or split. Even so, the wise do not base their vision or ideology on the mistakes of the past, but learn the necessary lessons, allowing the experience to purify them so that they have a more clear vision for the future. We must continue to move forward. Every time the wine is poured into a new vessel, there is a great deal of commotion but the purity is worth it.

It is true that Jesus call us friends, but you must have discernment and wisdom to understand what he means in this context. You see, it is one thing for Jesus to call you His friend, but it is another thing for you to a friend to Him.

Excerpt from Wisdom from Rick Joyner.

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Have a great week as you ponder on these words you have read.

I remain your friend, 

Flora Ezeani.


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