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Can you tell if one’s life is perfect from the physical? By physical I mean, everything you can see. From their clothes to their foot wears, the cars they ride and their cool stuffs. If we look at all these, can we have a sound judgment of what a person’s life is truly about?

Have you ever looked at a preacher and wondered, “does he truly love God and walk in righteousness, the way he appears to? There are times I look at a person who laughs so much and think, oh! She Is a box of excitement. I saw somewhere that those who laugh the most are the most unhappy. Simply because a person laughs so much doesn’t mean that this person has no problem or isn’t saddled with any kind of problem.

There are people wallowing in fear and in immense pain. Daily, they wish they could wake up the next morning and not wake up to that pain. Other wish they had somebody to talk to talk to, share this pain with, yet, all they see are a bunch of other people engrossed in their own pursuit of happiness.

If you ever meet someone like me and get to know them more intimately, you will discover that smiles do not mean solitude. From self conflict to dissatisfaction with some things in life, to everything else that causes one to be irritated (not the usual kind of irritation) and  You will discover that as a way of escape , people develop certain habits that further leads to an addiction. Addictions are like SAFE PLACES. A typical example is ME. My coffee addiction is a safe place for me. Coffee won’t let you grow fat. I always believed that and so I take lots of coffee to stay slim and awake.

I tried to think of reasons that would have led that handsome, young doctor to jump off Third Mainland Bridge and get himself drowned. I tried to analyze the stories that were sadly reeled off by onlookers and tale bearers in Lagos. Some called it spiritual manipulation but what if that is what it was? He could have been depressed. Being a fine man with a good career and money isn’t enough to have some peace of mind. Perhaps, the other things it requires, he lacked. Forgive me for talking about a dead person this way.

There was another story of a teacher who everybody believed was fine. What that means is that she was happy. An assumption that she was in a great state of mind until they all came to work one beautiful morning to find her dead in the class room. She committed suicide. Why I do not know. I chose to believe it was a case of depression. As a teenager, I live a life (a story I would someday share when courage visits me again) that if Christ had not intervened, twice, you may not be reading this blog today.

The aim of this writing is not to talk about depression or to motivate you to analyze the life of a person to find out if their smiles are genuine or not. If a story does not seek to restore hope in an almost hopeless world, in a world where everyone does not care about the next person. Relationships are fostered because of the benefits accrued to them. There is no point trying to find a person’s safe place if you will not be willing to help them find a safer place, a place of true happiness, a place of peace.

Here is a cool 5mins video I will love you to watch

I watched TV with my cousins last week, I am old-fashioned and do not watch TV often. We saw how the ant colony helped one another gather food and take to the ant hill. We are all encumbered with one problem or the other but if we can be like the ant and look out for one another, then we will have fewer people committing suicide and a more happy world filled with people awaiting Christ.


Have a splendid Monday.

I remain your friend,

Flora Ezeani.

I love you.


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