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WHY WORRY? What can worry solve?

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Nne, bia k’anyi ga kpe ekpere. Today is Saturday and we usually don’t have our family devotion very early on Saturday morning was my thought. Mama, di ne godu ani, oge eru be hi, it isn’t time yet. I reached out for my phone to check what time it was, 6:05am.

You didn’t make the withdrawal yesterday, how will you get new stock today, I thought to myself.

You didn’t even make the call you wanted to make yesterday, I practically forgot to do so much the day before that would have helped me achieve my goals for this weekend.

All I could remember was having a terrible headache that began at some minutes past 5 the day before and lasted for 6 hours. I woke feeling beautiful. Then Ralph sent a message.

Sleepy sleepy, stand up from your bed… Hey!  today is Saturday, I should sleep more. Then I remembered, oh, it isn’t Saturday after all, it is past 6am and today is Friday and you will be late for work, my sleepy mind told me.

Dad came to the door, ngwa nu, k’anyi ga nu kpe ekpere. With a sigh, I got up and nudged my grandma who woke me up earlier to come for the prayers.

I think I know what caused my headache.

 I had been thinking so much about my blog. How much I really needed to write more, what I needed to write, how to write, I had even watched a couple of videos on Youtube including inspiring Tedtalks of some writers. So, I looked at my writing pad and saw something I wrote the night before.

Why are you dispirited?

Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted in me? Hope thou in God: For I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance.   This was written by the psalmist.

The lens through which you see life is really important. Your perspective shapes your belief system. I had been worried to the point of sickness, really worried about the future of something I love, and within me, I felt worrying was going to help me. Yes, it did help me, it gave me a long lasting headache.

You know, it is really natural to worry and to cry when things are going wrong.  It is difficult to sing, dance and be happy when you think you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Maybe your health is deteriorating, your  academics is becoming tougher and threatening, your finances aren’t even growing and everything seem to be obeying the pause command of a remote button.

Naturally, I would just sit and cry my heart out when I am faced with situations like this.

What happens to you when you cry? I will tell you. Your eyes become so wet, and you cannot see clearly. Do you that that the same thing happens when you worry? Your mind becomes blurry. You cannot see well, I guess you expected me to say, you cannot think well. Yes, I almost typed that but, I was reminded that the mind is the seat of visions not thoughts. Your brain is the seat of thoughts.

So, you are thinking, Why me? Why do I have to suffer this much? Who else deserves to suffer so much? Nobody!! If you will take the glory, then carry the cross too. If you will appreciate sunshine, ride in the storm.

This post, on this sunny Friday morning, written by a black Nigerian girl who has seen great and harsh parts of life, maybe not as much as you have, is for someone and for me too. It is a piece of advice and advice is like a cooking, you have to taste it first before you serve it to others. I have to taste this cooking too.

Like the psalmist said, hope thou in God. Yes, hope in God. why worry? How much will it help you solve? It will do nothing else but blind you from seeing the bright side and because you cannot see the good side, you cannot praise God for it.

I like the scripture that says, If men who are evil can give good gifts, how much more your heavenly father who allows the rain to fall, both for the good and evil men. If we have such a great priest, who knows the intensity of the pain, who knows the end from the beginning, why shouldn’t we just go to him and cast those cares on him, the way he asked us to do?

please take a minute to watch this video

In one of the Tedtalks watched yesterday, I learnt that we have to focus on what we can control. If you cannot control it, give it to God and ask for the grace to be patient and have your mind be at peace too.

I wish you a happy weekend. Enjoy!

I am your friend .

Ezeani Flora

I love you


Guy, please do not read this post alone. Share it with your friends and everyone who you know is dispirited at this time. You may be saving a life, you can never tell.

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