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Tips to share your vision with your teammates

Today feels like Monday, I feel this Monday excitement.

 HAPPY NEW MONTH Beautiful people. This is my first blog post for the month of July and I am excited to say WELCOME TO THE FIRST MONTH OF THE SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR.

I know a good number of us have a bucket list of item we have set as ACHIEVABLES for 2017, both as an organization and as individuals. So, we have taken stock of all these things and we want to cast new visions for the remaining half of the year or maybe some of us will be setting for the next quarter of the year. Whatever the case maybe, you can do this when casting vision for your company with your team of ACHIEVERS:


Making the vision clear will make your team member understand the vision. They would see in clear perspective what they are expected to do in the cause of carrying out the project or a new business or anything that is making them set this new vision.


The vision should link the past, present and the future together. Past trends, current situations, and future expectations should have a connection. The link will enable you see loopholes in the past, corrections that could be made in the present and things to avoid in the future.


Purpose is the reason you are doing something. It is the WHY for an action or the existence of a thing. Knowing your purpose, gives you a sense of direction. Purpose will give your vision a direction. Where do you want this vision to take you to?


What do u want to achieve through this vision? What have you set your heart on? How, do you want to achieve them? When do you want to achieve them? These are questions that goals will ask you and you have to answer these questions with your team as you craft your vision.


You cannot afford to take credibility out of the vision. You all want to trust one another in the cause of the project. You want to give credits to individuals while working. You cannot give credits when you do not sincerely appreciate the efforts put into work. Let truthfulness guide you all and you have to begin from the point of drafting what your vision is for this project…


This will foster relationships, add spice and bring fun to the vision. You can talk about histories and society and everything that will paint a fine picture in your minds. Just talk about things everyone can relate with that will bring fun to the vision creation process.


You have push harder to achieve better results. Challenges will tell you, Hey man, you got to do better than the last time. Team members should recognize that to get the best from this new game, you can boast with past glories.




Thank you for taking time to read this post.

I am your friend,

Flora Ezeani.

So I want you to participate by adding what you think these other three keys can do for a team while casting a new vision. There is a prize for this actually.

In the comment section, please type in your opinion, and by the end of the week, I will state who the winner of the gift is. 

There’s something else to do to participate in this: Just subscribe to the blog and share the post on your social media accounts. It is that simple.

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