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The Essence of Nature.

Flora 1

Happy Holiday guys…. 

I hope you all are taking your time to rest well and enjoy as much as you can before the noise and hustles begin tomorrow. 

Yesterday, I had a session of photo shoot and after the shots, I thought I spent time to admire the beauties of life. 

At Lagoon front, university of Lagos, I spent time admiring everything that speaks about the beauty of life. And, of course, how great the creator is. We cannot attribute the beauty of life to the works of men. 

Here are some shots: 

​Third mainland bridge. If you know the length of this bridge, then you know that the scripture was right by saying God reveals mysteries to men. He blessed men with the wisdom to become creators but he remains the only creator that was not created.

​If you remember the things you were taught in biology. These trees receive the CO2 you take out to produce the food we eat.

​I know I did a lot of flower collections and drawings in senior school but i am not sure if this is an ixora? Look at a beautiful picture and read more of the plant here

Mushroom!! who has eaten a mushroom soup before?

​A community of crabs. At first sight, I had goose bumps. Haha. If you look closely, you will see the crabs. Tell me if you see them.

​This is me. 

Everything God created is beautiful. But you and I are the most beautiful, you know why, because he created us in his image. 

I tell some people, if you call anyone a goat or a monkey, that means your God is a goat or a monkey.

Do something today, take a selfie and admire how great and awesome the creator is. 

Keep enjoying the holiday guys. What do you think of these photos? Let me read them in the comment box. Nature indeed is beautiful.


I remain your friend, 

Flora Ezeani.

I love you.

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