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Happy Monday! 

Who wants another day added to the weekend? Those of us in the public sector of the economy, residing in Ogun and Lagos states have another day of rest for us. The traffic and bus scarcity this morning were scary tho. Today makes it the 12th day of the HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE being anchored by Nathaniel Bassey @nathanielblow on instagram  and it has been AWESOME.

I am happy for the testimonies and I have this belief that this is the revival that Nigeria needs at this time. Thank You Nathaniel Bassey for letting God use you to change lives and set captives free. Yesterday, the live stream hit over 50,000 views.  

My friend and I had a conversation about this yesterday and and he said something we should note, “when God is involved in anything a person does, even if others have failed at it before, You will definitely excel, because God is involved.


I was brushing my teeth today and this came to my mind: our relationship with God is a lot like brushing our teeth. The more time we spend with Him, the healthier the relationship is with him. The more we procrastinate, the more we avoid him, the closer we are to “rotting” our relationship with him. Imagine judgement day like going to the dentist. 

It doesn’t matter if you tell the dentist you brushed your teeth three times a day, flossed every day or never ate candy in your entire life, because your teeth will show how you have treated them. 

The point is this: Christianity is not a hobby or a once-in-a while kind of thing that you do in your spare time; instead, it is a LIFESTYLE. Your relationship with God is something that you need to contribute to each and everyday. Otherwise, one day, you might wake up and find out that you have that dentist appointment; on that day, you will realize how far you have strayed.

So, stay committed to Christ. You can put in ten minutes every day. Talk to him in the car, or on the way to work or school, Find a way to grow your relationship and maintain your faith! 

You have a rotten relationship with God right now? Then start from where you are. There is one amazing fact about God: no matter how rotten, how broken, how uncommitted or dirty your relationship is, he can make it clean again.

I believe this has blessed a life this morning. Thank you for the spent you spent reading this piece.

Have a great week!

Written by @Ledtolead on instagram.



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Beautiful writeup…