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5 Reasons you must be Appreciative.

Flora 2

Hello Guys!


Who is exicted?

 You aren’t, please feel free to leave your reasons in the comment box after reading this post. I am sure looking at the title of the post, you may be wondering, 5 reasons you must be appreciative? Really? Are the just 5 reasons for a person to be appreciative? what other question is running through your mind? Tell me please ( I would be glad to read them in the comment box). 

So you are there, sitting and brooding over the failures you encountered in the past years or even in the past months of the year and you cannot see the good things that have happened. 

Yea, you got sick, you have been broke, and the one million and one things that went wrong in your life. A failed relationship? Wait! Think again. 

Let us do an exercise, raise your arm, did it hurt while raising it? Stand from the chair you are sitting, do a 360 turn, does your feet hurt? Do you have issues breathing? Okay, maybe the doctor said you will die soon but are you dead already? No! 

It is sad indeed that we all see the bad that happens in our everyday lives and we are blind to the good around us. Another exercise: Have you complained about anything today? That food wasn’t tasty and it got you upset so you just cursed under your breath. You were driving and that keke driver just did something nasty and you shouted FOOL(these curse words make my heartbeat stop)

Here are five reasons why you must be appreciative:

  1.  It makes you grateful:  Gratitude and appreciation are synonymous yet different. Appreciation precedes gratitude. Look at this scenerio: Charles got #50,00 as a gift. He looked at it and felt he deserved more. He collected the money and mumbled a thank you. If you don’t appreciate something, you cannot show gratitude for that thing, the most you can do is fake your gratitude. So, appreciation is the ladder to gratitude. 
  2. It makes you understand the worth of a thing:  Janet and Pearl have been friends for a decade. Janet is three years older than pearl. Pearl is 18. What sealed their friendship? When Janet was really sick and was in the hospital for five months, pearl visited her four times every week and sent text messages every morning and night for these five months. Who would have thought that something as simple as a text message could strengthen a relationship? You can ask Janet when you see her, she understands the worth of this friendship and she appreciates the love of her friend.
  3. Increses the Value of a thing: Forgive me for using this word thing, I hope it doesn’t commonize (apparently this word isn’t in the dictionary) our feelings. Appreciation increases value. How? I am here at 2:08am typing this blog-post because I appreciate You my friends and my readers. I started typing yesterday but couldn’t finish because I got stuck somewhere and had no clue what else to write. I had a thought: just google and copy and paste what you find on google. But then I gave it a second thought. It’s not fair to do that to my precious readers. I have to give my time to deep thinking and write sincerely. Is it worth it? Please tell me after reading ( in the comment box, thank you).
  4. You admire what you appreciate and Love what you admire. This is quite explanatory. My friend Ada didn’t like her economics teacher in secondary school. She reluctantly attended classes and she hated economics because of this teacher. Guess what? She never passed the subject. NEVER! Lack of admiration leading to lack of appreciation further leading to Hate and failure. Please do not be like Ada.

   5.   When you appreciate something, you give it your best.

5 reasons you must be appreciative
Appreciation preceeds gratitude.


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Appreciation is one of the greatest gift one can give…