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Flora 1


The land is green, this we know,

For all we know, what do we have t show?

When all men have chosen paths that are similar,

Only a few, thread the path unfamiliar.

Who is the man whose name shall be unto many, a clarion call to bigger dreams?

Where is the lass whose face shall spur hearts to desire worth- while intangibles?

Men are many, but great men, we can find a few.

A world filled with people living with no clue,

Sleeping and waking only to have their stomachs full.

Why? Why are there only a few who have chosen to be unorthodox?

Two men in twenty who refused to conform?

Twenty men in a hundred who desire to have this world transformed.

I heard the Lad ask, why be unorthodox?

There is peace in sleeping and waking on the same bed,

But if you have no bed, you can stay in a tree shed.

What good does it pay to stay awake,

Then at the end, your bone from tiredness break.

Again, yes again, I ask, why be unorthodox?

The wise woman knows  that when you think out of the box,

At the mention of your name, there is a resounding applause.

You still do not think there is great gain in being unorthodox?

More than fame and wealth,

in a world where all that is felt

is the coldness of every man’s heart.

Desire and aspire everyday that your life will impact

Ask me no more why you should be unorthodox,

Nature and the world will wait no more for men who will not live out of the box.


Written by Flora Ezeani. 

Thank you for taking time to read this piece. I hope you did not just enjoy it, I hope someone got a message from it. Please leave your comments and help share too. 

Do keep in Mind,

I am your friend Ezeani Flora,

I love you.

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