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Victor the virtuous.

Flora 4

It was a windy Thursday night at 9 pm and Victory was bored. With no clue of what to do and convinced that sleeping was not an option to consider, she picked her jacket and left the house.

I need to find a place with not so much noise, she thought as she walked the street that was gradually losing its friends to their bedrooms. As she walked, she asked herself what having a meaningful life would really be like. What can I do to make the most of life? Inside of her, she felt completely weak and bored but she had hope and that was a ton of working energy. It was something great.

Oh! That looks like a good spot. Excited, she walked briskly to the pub and sat. The place was spacious. The kind of lights she liked,a combination of golden and fluorescent lights, she always glowed in it and it made her happy, the music was soft, not loud songs with profane words she usually heard in most of the places she visited. Having spent a few minutes there, she was at ease since there were both men and women equally. As she sat, she recounted an incident that almost took her life. She had been out drinking oblivious of the fact that there were only two ladies there and the second was a member of an armed robbery gang. She left that night without her iPhone 6 and the money in her bag.

What do you want ma’am? She looked up to see the bartender smiling at her. Her heart sunk immediately. I haven’t seen someone smile so beautifully in a very long time, she thought to herself. That is a perfect smile, and you are such a charming young man. What is your name? Still smiling, he pulled the empty seat facing her and sat. My name is Miracle, you still haven’t told me what you want. Will you keep me company? I know you have to work, but I really didn’t come out to drink, I just want someone to talk to. I feel bored but I think this is more about an emptiness inside of me and my soul is searching for its miracle. What is your name ma’am? Victory, she answered with tears in her eyes.

Give me a minute, he walked to the serving table, dropped the menu pad he was holding, spoke to his friend to stand in for him for a while then went to join her. He sat on the seat and looked at her for a minute, I am going to tell about a certain young man who taught me so much about about life. He was a great fellow. You recall the verse of the bible that says a virtuous woman who can find? Well, I found a virtuous man. His name is just what he really is. You want to guess what his name was? She smiled, Miracle? 

No, he laughed. You want to try again?

I think you should just tell me. I am bad at guesses…

Okay, his name was victor. He watched the tiny spark that brought to her eyes. Her hands felt so warm, still looking at her face, he smiled. Do you know the most intriguing thing about Victor? He was a blind. But you know that blind people have a special gift, he had several of them.

I can imagine. You know, I really haven’t heard anyone speak so nicely of another person. Sometimes, I wonder if there still exists any love in the hearts of men. I grew up hearing my dad call me all kind of names,             I just thought it was usual, to hear curse words.

Why do you speak so nicely?

Victor. He was my miracle. Despite his disability and deserving sympathy, he was a man who loved genuinely. He had this angry neighbor who always nagged him.”You are such a nuisance Victor”, I heard the neighbor yelling. He closed his eyes, crossed his legs and started humming softly as he smiled more, this is a demonstration of Victor’s action in response to the man. Thank you sir, he replied the man. Few days later, this neighbor was arrested and nobody had sympathy for him, they all refused to help him get bailed saying he was a troublemaker and a total nuisance. Victor put together all the money he had and went to the police station. He even asked the policemen not to disclose his identity to the man if he ever asks.

My goodness, what is victor’s heart made of she asked with an expression of shock.  This is the 21st century and nobody forgives this easily anymore. Besides Miracle, the way the world is, we have all grown accustomed to looking out only for ourselves, why is victor so nice?

Once, I heard someone say nasty things about a man who owed him some money, Miracle continued. The same man owed Victor about eighty thousand naira for a job he had done for him. All my dear friend did was just sit and listen. He made no comments. Nothing! When I asked him why he wouldn’t talk, he said he was growing to be a prudent man.

My mom taught me as a boy that there are ten pillars my life should hinge on. These will honor man and no matter how much any man tries to hurt me, my spirit remains strong. She taught me at all cost to love; to love God and my neighbors. Love has taught me sacrifice too. Beside Love is the pillar of humility. You see, this doesn’t mean that I should think less of myself, rather, I should think of myself less. This way, I would count no wrong done to me. I recall fighting a boy because he called me a blind bat. My mom tearfully pulled me back and told me it wasn’t it fault but I should understand his lack of understanding of divine things. After her admonishment, she asked me to go to him and apologize. It was hard, but I did it. Since then, I realized that a kind heart stays strong.

The fourth pillar was patience. I cannot count how many times I have had to face terrible injustice from others. The times when I reacted to them in the wrong way, I got a regrettable result. I resolved to be patient instead, the return is sweeter. The other pillars are temperance, justice, diligence, courage and obedience. I can’t have a meaningful and fruitful life without these pillars. He held my hand, and smiled, these pillars can only be erected by someone who has chosen to live for Christ.

Mom taught me about them as a child, but I struggled with them and always got bitter when I couldn’t live them. I gave my life to Christ and since then, it has been his grace seeing me through. I hope you turn to him and allow him see you through, he concluded.

She felt shivers run down her spine, she couldn’t hold back the tears. Yes, I want Jesus to help me. I need him, I really do need him, as she sobbed, she held tightly to his fist. Suddenly, she stopped, if you accepted Jesus, why do you work in a pub? His face beamed with laughter, I own this place and we had deliberately made it look like a pub, we do not sell alcohol, she looked stunned. Customers are allowed to come in to the way they are, with their cigarettes and alcohols, at the slightest opportunity, we talk. Those who do not talk on the first day, always come back, our prayers bring them back.

Please pray for me. They held hands and he prayed for her. Sitting still for 10 mins and she felt like she had been bathed with a bucket of ice, she felt peace and she was excited. I should leave now, thank you so much.

She got up, walked to the door, waved and smiled. It was 12:30 am on Friday.


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Wow…. This is great Flora. The words are comforting.