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WRITE WELL: Another rule of work.

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Excellent Monday for excellent people.

Monday says be formal, we don’t like rules but imagine what the society will be like if there weren’t any. So, from this book I got a couple of months ago, I am sharing another rule of work, write well. Who cares about my writing? I just heard you ask.

We write for two purposes. We write for others to read and we write for ourselves to read. How you write for yourself is immaterial. You can scribble illegible shorthand or write like a five year old. It doesn’t matter, jst so long as no one else sees it. But how you write for others to read is of utmost and crucial importance. You will be judged on:

  • What you write
  • how your writing looks.

Ah, but you say you don’t write anything, you type everything. Fine. So what type face do you choose, and why? And you must have to sign documents- that’s writing. Your signature is as open to judgement as anything else. I was once told my signature was that of a very wealthy person. Good, although completely wrong. but it did indicate that i was getting close to the image I wanted to portray. A final point on this: always make your signature big- big signature, big person.

If you use handwriting a lot then it needs to be:

  • Legible –      it must be able to be read by everyone- or there simply is no point doing it and it is                        discourteous not to make the effort.
  • neat      –        no crossing out, all lines equal, that sort of thing.
  • stylish  –        a bit of flourish here and there
  • mature –       rounded letters and joined up
  • consistent-   the writing at the bottom page should look like the writing on the top page.

Watch your margins and the slope of your writing. You may not know it but margins- or signatures or any form of writing- that slopes down the right of the page indicate a depressed person. Optimist slant upwards. 

Make sure your spelling is correct and your grammar, adequate. If not, gen up on it.

If you type alot, use Times Roman or Arial, 12 point and only use italics or bold or underlining sparingly. Never mix type faces- it betrays you as unstable, immature personality, apparently- or point size. And you just thought it looked fun.


Write well, always.
A  girl at 7 wrote this. You see how legible it is? Don’t you think  Sundar Pichai will be glad to respond to this kid?

You can find Sundar Pichai’s response to this wonderful kid here:

So guys, have a great week, and a fun working week too.

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