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New week! One rule of work.

Hey guys, it is a new week and another Monday. Some of us dread Mondays but whether you choose to love it or you dread it, it is here to stay. You want a tip from me, make the most of the day and enjoy it. So today, I want to share something really spicy with you. On the surface, it looks like an advice for the wonderful 9-5 job keepers but a keen attention paid to it, will reveal more.

This is one tip to help you build a better relationship, not only in your workplace, it will affect your entire life.

So, you all are sitting having coffee when the subject of young Adam comes up. Now we all know that Adam is a pain in the backside. He doesn’t pull his weight, skives off, steals the pens and paperclips, is rude to the security staff, always off-loads as much work onto others as possible, blames others for his mistakes and is generally obnoxious. So you all have a moan about him behind his back and get a lot of your anger about his behavior off your chest. But you don’t. Oh, the others might but you won’t.

No matter how obnoxious young Adam is you will always find something nice- genuine- to say about him. That is your objective- find something nice to say, no matter what.

At first, this may be quite hard but if you persevere it becomes increasingly easy- it’s all a question of habit and mental outlook. If we are used to bad mouthing and moaning then that is what we do. But if we change our approach we can be more positive- but it does take a lot of effort initially to make this change.

Standing up for others, no matter what, gets you a reputation of someone who can always find something nice to say about everybody. Thus, those who you would moaned about know that you, of all the workforce, will always be fighting their corner for them.  It gets you unwritten loyalty and a sort of guardian angel relationship with the unpopular members of the team.

This is a strange relationship to have, but it works wonders- these are the people who will back you in an emergency. They will let you know if someone is trying to stitch you. They will pull out all the stops for you because they know you care. If you need a favour, they will be the ones you to call on.

It is amazing how the word will spread, that you are a thoroughly nice person- you don’t moan and you stand up for the underdog, you are supportive and can always see at least one good in a thoroughly bad apple.

Obviously, you will have to do this in an honest and sincere fashion- it is no good lying or making it up. If you, at first, simply can’t find anything positive to say, then just shut up. But there is always something nice to say- nobody is completely evil or wicked or nasty.

So, back to young Adam. What are you going to say? Well, for a start, You can point out that he makes good coffee. Or that he is always on time. Or he is good at handling irate customers. Or he has a brilliant sense of humor. Or he knows the cricket scores. Just keep saying, ‘But he is good, because….

Excerpt from THE RULES OF WORK by Richard Templar.

Thank You for taking your time to read this. I really hope that someone has learnt from this. If you like this piece, please hit the like button, and I will like to get a feedback form you in the comment box. Your friends will like to read this too. So, please share with. 

Your Friend, 

Ezeani Flora.

I love you.


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Good read! If only everyone could adopt this. But then, some kind of people just make you forget the good they do because when they get nasty, it is so bad it gets etched in memory