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Dear Monday,

You are here today.

Clinging to my pillows, I refused to wake,

I knew it was you at the door,

It was just 5am.

I sent you messages on friday,

Did you not meet with saturday?

and over coffee discuss how I could be happy everyday?

Sunday had a special song.

I danced all day,

Far into the night.

Now, I am left to fight,

this locked resentment in my heart.

Dear Monday,

Just go away.

  • Happy Monday Friends♥…. Hope we are ready to conquer the week? Well, I am. I should mention that I am glad today is Monday.   It’s been a really long I posted something here and I said, today, against all odds, i must publish a post..

Many of us dread monday but  dreading it won’t help in anyway. It will come and you must get out ..

Have the winner’s mindset always.

I love you♥♥

Your Friend, Ezeani Flora.

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