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MONDAY MUSE2- Lessons from last Saturday.

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What should be your wage, for you have done such a great job. My king my charge for this is five pieces of gold. Five pieces of gold? is that the charge for a king or would you have asked a common man to pay the same amount for this craft? This is the money value for my craft, my king. You are not only skillful, you are also noble and I will gladly pay what you ask and even more. The king went in and brought out a bag which he handed to the craftsman. A bag of gold? for my craft? Thank you my king, thank you. He ran to his house to let his family know about the good fortune that had befallen him. The noise from their singing and dancing could be heard several compounds away from theirs.

My beloved brother, I beg you, please borrow me the fifty pieces of gold the king gave you, so that my husband can use it to set up his business and we can have some fortune too. His sister pleaded with him. This is my lifetime earning, how do I give you a lifetime sweat? I beg you to please consider the pain of poverty your sister goes through. Ok, let me think it through. Morning came and he picked up his bag of gold coins and headed straight to the gold lender’s house. Wise one, the goddess of luck smiled on me and for my craft, the king gave me a bag of gold. 50 pieces of Babylonian gold. My beloved sister however has, has requested I lend this gold for her husband to set up his business. After a moment of silence, the gold lender looked at the craftsman and asked, how much knowledge does your sister’s husband about this business? I must be truthful, he has none. Keep these wise words with you:do not invest thy gold where no knowledge abounds. If your sister’s husband has no knowledge of the new business, then do not give your lifetime sweat to him. Learn this and your gold shall multiply for you.

(Story adopted from the richest man in Babylon)


Acquire knowledge,

Perfect your skill,

The fruit of your skillfulness shall fill you.


My Personal Experience

My dad doesn’t grant the permission to leave the house in the morning without our family prayers. I woke up on Saturday morning, determined to leave the house very early for the 6:30am job. Saying a very short prayer after I got dressed, I ran out of the house. As I walked hurriedly, I loosed my twisted hair on the way being fully aware that I was already late. Flora, hi! Go down there, you will see a tall lady in black, talk to her. I immediately did as I was told. Oh, hi. You are Flora, okay, you see that guy over there, join him. You guys should tell people about what is happening and encourage them to join the walk. Still trying to figure out what exactly I would say, I left and headed straight to the gate.

Nervous me, stood there and kept looking at people walking and jogging into National Stadium. What are we going to tell them? See, I am just going to say anything that comes to my head. I am ready for this. My first “approachee”- hi, how are you? there is something going on today, look down there, this company has organized an educative program for you, just go with this card to the stand there and register. He took the card and went away. Haha, this is working. I continued with it till I saw this particular young man who rode in with his bicycle. Hello, good morning, I blabbed away. So, what are my benefits for participating? I didn’t know so I told him to satisfy his curiosity by joining the other persons there. No, I need to know. All right, I really do not know, but you can just go and find out. He obliged. Five minutes later, we were called back to the stand.

Guys, we are going on a long walk from here, through Alaka and Bode Thomas. Uh oh! I had told my inquisitive volunteer that it was a walk round the stadium. Ah, I had misinformed everyone I had spoken to. Feeling bad, I just stood there numb. Along with the other ladies who were working, we were driven to the points where we were to direct this small crowd. Hi, it was my inquisitive friend again, hello, I said smiling.Hope you are enjoying yourself? I asked him with a smile, thinking I will get a simple yes as my answer. Well, I always do. Oh! cool. Hey, are you going to be paid for this ? Nodding my head, I said yes. No wonder you didn’t know exactly what was going on. That was  a blow. I wasn’t told I needed to read up, I was just called and I accepted. Next time, find out, he said as he rode away.


It is important to always find out the details of everything you set out to do. When opportunity comes to you, are you equipped for it? This looks like a very simple lesson but it will save you so much embarrassment if you learn it now. However, you shouldn’t always wait till you have acquired all the knowledge. Begin the project and start learning, keep developing yourself till you have attained perfection. I am still learning as much as I need to learn to be a better writer and blogger. We have learning materials on the internet to help you, find them and use them, there are online courses and some of them are free too. I know Alison is a good one.Like Paul said to Timothy, in 2nd Tim 2:15:



  • The word of God-  for spiritual growth, understanding God and building a                                                beautiful relationship with him.
  • Books-                      To increase your knowledge, make you distinct.
  • Environment-        To help you identify opportunities.
  • People.-                    Understand our differences  and help you appreciate them.

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate you for taking your time to read this. Please I would love to hear from you. Kindly leave a comment in the comment box and let us help more people read this article by sharing it. 

I remain your friend, 

Ezeani Flora Chinenye 

I love you.

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Izuchukwu Okpala
Izuchukwu Okpala

Nice piece. Keep the flag has been hoisted and also ready…. Keep it flying Chinenye.