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LOVE: My nugget. By Nneka Okoro.

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Hello Dear Readers,

Hi There,

It is an amazing day today and someone with a sweet heart has brought us a message. You know how you treat messages especially when they are from great people? Yea, we are all great people. Let this message speak to you. 

It’s  amazing how we tend to take little things for granted; I mean who knew what a simple ‘how was your day? Can become such a great deal when not asked. I am a culprit of taking little things for granted, this was constantly repeated by a sweetheart ”Nekky I keep telling you little things matter, you couldn’t even ask me how my day went….” Oh dear, where am I getting to with these, right?

Let not movies fool you with all these happy endings with little or no effort made. Yes! Love has an happy ending and it’s supposed to come easily but if it’s not nurtured, properly taken care of, constantly weeding off the scraps it’s going to fade.

Ever wondered why it seems your relationship with God seems boring and lackadaisical? That’s because you ignored the LITTLE THINGS like saying good morning, reading his messages (BIBLE) e.t.c. Ever wondered why your relationship at work with people seem cold? Have u even said hello to the gate-man or even smiled at your colleagues.

Love entails a lot, love should actually govern the affairs of your life, it shouldn’t just lead it should also become ALL PARTS [Leading and Discipleship] it shouldn’t just be enjoyed during easy moments HEY! Storms are coming just make sure those little things are been paid attention to.

How would it feel to know that a simple sentence from you has lit the heart of a person and they feel special? smiles cost nothing, JUST GIVE IT.

I employ you, say hello and smile it’s not that hard. Read the messages God sends and always respond accordingly, learn to ask about a person’s welfare. Learn to let love come from within, let it flow, let it act, let it bless, and above all let it inspire others.  Remember God is Love, you are of God’s image.  SHOW IT

NNEKA OKORO- this is her love message for all of us.

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