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SAVE OUR SON- the story of a mother.

unorthodox 15

This is not your fight Adim, it is not mine either. Whose fight is it then? That poor child’s?She was pointing at their dying son in the hospital’s intensive care unit. This is the second child Arinze. I love my son and I do not want to lose him. Her eyes were filled with tears and he couldn’t bear to see her cry. Adim, we will get through this, I believe we will and we will not loose another child. She slowly lifted her face to look at him, you assured me eleven months ago, Adim do not worry she will survive. And did she? Did you save her? How could I have let this damn thing called blind love lead me into this misery? I should have gone ahead to be a nun and celebrate my celibacy, that way, I would have kept my sanity and still have some joy left in me. I always dreamed of you and you won”t just let me think of anything else.

Now I am the wife of a father who cannot help his children stay alive. She pulled away from his embrace. He pulled her close and lifted her face so their eyes could meet, I love you and we will overcome. Sir, I have been instructed to ask both of you to please go out, you are not only disturbing your child other patients are also being disturbed. If your attention is needed, I will call you. Adimchimnobi  shook her head slightly, indicating her disapproval of whatever instruction the nurse was carrying out.

I am going nowhere. Madam, if you refuse to comply, then your son will have to be taken out and you go out to find some other hospital that can tolerate your drama and re-admit your dying child. If anything happens to my child, you will pay for his life, she replied the nurse sternly. Be calm, I am in as much pain as you are, I love this child too, we have been raising him together. We will leave and we are very sorry he spoke softly as he pulled his sobbing wife up and they both left.

These are the results of the blood tests we ran, it shows both of you have the AS Genotype. I do not know how long this relationship has lasted but in your best interest, I would ask you to please end it. If you love her, then leave her. The implication of insisting on a marriage with her is that you will have to bear the grieve of having unhealthy children. Maybe just one child but I know how challenging it can be and in most cases, these children eventually die. As a man, loosing a child may not be as painful as it would be for a woman. I advise once again to save this lady the heartbreak of loosing a child. Doctor, I cannot let go, I am going to get married to her and we will raise our children, we are going to escape this somehow. His heart was broken and he was crying too. Shouldn’t I have listened to the doctor six years ago? I did not even tell her about this, I was unfair to her. Adim has to go through this because of me. Thinking about the warning he couldn’t control the tears. Arinze are you crying? She had never seen her husband shed a tear before. Please stop, please, I can cry for both of us, you need to be strong for me. Forgive me Adim, I shouldn’t have put you through this.

No, you are my hero, forget all the nonsense I said in there, you are truly a wonderful father and I am proud to be your wife. Chigozie will be fine and we will be happy again. We have spent almost all the money we have in trying to keep our children alive but it doesn’t matter. How can a broken man keep the tears from coming? You cannot let them out! Stop already, please! She knelt and held his hands as she pulled him up and hugged him. I knew this would happen, I read the biological facts about blood groups and genotypes, I figured we could escape this and that was why I insisted we have only two children. She took a deep breath, apparently, it is for man to propose and for God to dispose.I just do not know why he  is letting us go through this. This is a trying time for us and we have to be strong for one another. I have to see my mother now.

Arinze is all broken, he blames himself but I am guilty as he is . Adimchimnobi, stop fighting a battle that is not yours. I am surprised that up till now, besides the medical attention, you have done nothing else. You have forgotten the word that says be anxious over nothing but in prayers and supplications with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God. I have prayed and now I am left to think that God is punishing me for a sin I do know not of. I am devastated. You will feel worse if you do not do the needful, put yourself together with your husband and call on your God.

Do you remember where he also said If my people who call me by my name shall confess their sins and call on me, I will hear their voice, forgive their sins and heal their land.If you think there is a sin to confess, go ahead and confess it and he will heal your son. He has given his blood already for everything, for our sicknesses, poverty and even for death, a price has been paid. And that blood speaks for us. Adimchimnobi he said its is finished. Go and speak healing into your son. She felt like she had been poured a bucket of ice water.

I warned you about this before now, this child will not survive this. You have put him through pains since his birth. How can a child grow with so much pains and frequent hospitalization? He’s just six and his twin died about a year ago. Doctor, my child will live, she spoke from the entrance into the doctor’s office. You medical experts like to believe that your verdicts are final and miracles are not a part of our existence. Like our faith in God can only help us escape small troubles and God can only work in small ways but Chigozie’s case will be a testimony for us all. Doctor, the panting nurse shouted, the boy is dying, he is almost gone.

Not my child, Arinze our son, she pulled her husband’s hand as she dashed out of the office and ran to the ward where her son was lying. Aggressively, she shove the nurse standing beside the bed of her dying child away. Chigozie she called out in tears. Chigozie it is mummy. Open your eyes my darling, mummy is here for you. Arinze held her, Adim please stop already. I should stop? and watch my son die? You cannot bring him back like this Adimchimnobi. He only called her name in full whenever he was terribly upset with her. He is dead.

She fell on her kneels and like a wounded lioness screamed, Chigozie you cannot go anywhere. Come back, I command you in the name of Jesus. See, Jesus already gave his life so that you can live, you have been freed from sickle-cell and he said that if he frees you that you are free indeed. He keeps his promises, he never fails. My sweet child please come back. Yes you were born with sickle-cell but he did not plan for you to die at six, he’s plan for you are for good only. She wept.

Arinze he is not responding she turned to her husband. He pulled her to himself and held her tight. It is well Adim. It is well. This woman is so dramatic the nurse scoffed. The boy was immediately covered and wheeled out of the hospital ward. Almost voiceless she said, I can’t believe we lost him.

Mom, I am going to be a doctor so that nobody will have to loose a child to sickle-cell again. She looked at him with so much fondness and had a flash of Chigozie’s face in her head. Emmanuel wants to be a doctor she told her husband when he came in. The Lord is with you my boy.

At 55, Arinze and Adimchimnobi had their first grandchild and celebrated the birthdays of three others before they died.

Thank you for reading. I hope a message(s) have been passed. Please leave a comment in the comment box. 

I remain your friend, Ezeani Flora Chinenye.


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Nice one dear….touching and educative…keep it uo

Fred Ichekwai
Fred Ichekwai

Just read the short story and it has reminded me once again of the faith of our fathers. It may not always be as we expect but He cares for us and He will answer at His own time Life is not perfect however, we each have our roles and God has His. Should i marry a spouse whose genetype is same as minè i.e AS? Should Christians confrm their genètype or blood gŕoup before marriage? Just a thought for consideration. As we trust Him to perform HIS miracles in our lives we should also make an effort not to… Read more »


Nice one,educative and thrilling!
Attention should be focused on the use of punctuation marks(especially when you are using a first person,second or third person narrative technique,and flashbacks too)
Great story,I enjoyed it all the way, love to see more…Thanks a lot


[…] Source: SAVE OUR SON- the story of a mother. […]


Nice one dear.
But sincerely i think everyone should know their bloodgroup and geneotype by now and that should be one of the questions to ask any intending boyfriend/girlfriend to know whether to go ahead in the relationship before it gets too deep to turn back. Love is really not blind ooooo.

Weldone Flora.


Touching story…and indeed a lesson to learn..most times, when we are deeply in love, it’s difficult to let go..but we it involves live(s) we just hv to let go.

Joseph samson kela
Joseph samson kela

Flora, your story, ‘SAVE OUR SON’ is quite interesting and touching too.I really enjoyed it.well done! The lesson i learnt from the story is that no matter how deeply a man and a woman seem to love each other, they should’nt go into marriage relationship if their genotype are both AS.