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2017 IN VIEW.

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My message is quite short and somewhat unusual. In few hours we will all gladly  jump, shout and sing HAPPY NEW YEAR to one another. 2016 will now be a past and will only be seen in our journals for people who keep them or books of account or any other place where you have things about the year recorded to be reviewed later in the future. Alot of people have prepared for the coming year already- Companies have made budgets, families have made plans, and individuals have set goals. What have you done? Can we look at 2016 before we begin to talk about the future? I asked a couple of teenagers in church during a meeting how the year went for them. They all responded, it was OK! I love to go further with  my question, JUST OK? where your expectations met? how did those that were not met leave you? 

One major event that got me was the ECONOMIC DOWNTURN OF THE COUNTRY. I recall asking my sister, if the rich are complaining, if the people who have a steady means of income complain, what about those who have nothing, how do they survive? Continuous increase in exchange rate and daily hike in prices of commodities, You can’t even buy  a sachet of water for #5 anymore and there are children roaming our streets in hunger.  As if that is not enough, I got tired of hearing about sudden deaths. It was like there has to be one death announced per day. I do not know how people survive the news of loosing a beloved ones but I think that news like that can make one go insane- A particular story of a girl who lost her senses because of the loss of her father.

There were also great news that were celebrated. Lot’s of spinsters left the market! At a point, I wished I would be getting married soon too, lol. Babies also came, they are such a blessing. Houses were blessed and cars were celebrated too. What is your 2016 testimony? One thing that gave me more joy was that more young people grew deeper in love with Christ.

In reviewing 2016, you will be looking at the plans you made at the beginning of the year and you are evaluating them. Do you regret those you didn’t accomplish? Angry that you lost money? Sad that you became overweight in contrast to that figure goal you set? Resentful that the friends you looked up to left you in the lurch? These and many more of those things to be regretted. SNAP OUT OF IT ALREADY. You really cannot afford to be there anymore. All the sadness, anger, hate.. they are inexpensive and worthless.In the last hours of 2016 you can do simple and better things like look in the mirror and smile at yourself, stop that thing you are doing and just laugh at whatever comes to your mind, text someone who got you really angry and end the text with I LOVE YOU, smile at an angry cashier at the mall, give sincere compliments. Why consider these trivial things? Because the small things we thing do not matter, matter the most.

Think of it this way, if you choose not to forgive, if you choose to allow yourself  worry about the big goals you did not achieve, how will you keep a sane and stable mind that will plan properly, pray and execute the plans for the next year?


New year eve and you are thinking of some great place to be? One great idea, be in church. Worship God and loose yourself to One who can drown those fears and those worries.

So you have set your goals for 2017, PLEASE ADD THESE TO THOSE GOALS:

  • Always put the most important things first.
  • Do not neglect the power of this important tool called COMMUNICATION.
  • Do not forget to tear down your wall and build bridges.
  • Remember to Sow seeds of Kindness and Love.
  • Raise your standards. It is not pride neither is it too much self confidence.You cannot keep operating on the same level. However, be cautious not to hurt anyone. When you do, please apologize. 

Do not play dice with God. He is not a spare tyre. There can’t be any true success without God. Always seek him.







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