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FLORA:   Helo  Ifeanyi, how do u do?

IFEANYI:    I’m fine

FLORA:     Ifeanyi I will like you to imagine that as a writer, you decided to publish your biography. Can you please share with us what we will read on the first page.

IFEANYI:    Well, I’m not sure what the first page will read. But I’ll tell you what I want to be remembered for and that is making great impact on the African Economy through my Faith, Business and Philanthropy.

FLORA:    Tell us, before you got into the university, what were your expectations and now that you have graduated having learned so much do u still have those expectations? What changed and what caused the changes?

IFEANYI:    I wouldn’t say that I had expectations myself. I went into the University carrying the expectations of my father. I did not know what to expect in the University, what it was meant to do to me. I did have life goals which changed in the University.

FLORA:   We are in Nigeria where many people if they had their ways, will choose not to be born in this part of the world. Are you one of such persons? Why is your opinion different?

IFEANYI:   No I am not. I believe in this country and what God will do through us. I am of the opinion that God will use Africa, starting with Nigeria, to confound the rest of the world, in terms of intellectual resources which will translate to wealth and abundance. I personally hope never to have to leave this country, or at least Africa for anything.

FLORA:  Recession has now become a household word even a child in primary school knows about it. Another common phrase is ‘in this Buhari regime. What do u think about the present political and economic position of Nigeria?

IFEANYI:  Well, that’s a broad one.

Basically, I think that Nigeria is in a recession because of the mental deficits of the people of this country. We have simply not developed our minds to solve the kind of problems that are rising in this modern times and by ‘We’, I am not talking of the Government, I am talking of Nigerians. In my view, Nigeria is not a Place but a People that’s why the status of Nigeria is reflected by the status of the majority of the people. So the questions: “Is Nigeria corrupt? Is Nigeria poor? Is Nigeria in a Recession?” should really be: “Are Nigerians corrupt? Are Nigerians poor? Are Nigerians in a Recession?”

Economically, I think we have focused too much on the distribution, sale and consumption of goods and services; the lower ranks of the chain; and do not produce. So in the real sense of it, we do not control our destinies, the producer nation(s) determine when there is abundance or scarcity, they literally control the inflation rate in the country, due to our incapacity to produce, which is consequently due to our incapacity to create. This brings me back to my earlier thought: Nigeria is in our present position as a result of our poor and underdeveloped mental prowess. Enough said!

FLORA:   How would you paint a perfect leader and can you please share with us what you believe is visionary leadership.

IFEANYI:  It will be a very ‘imperfect’ painting because I don’t know how to paint plus I’ll have to get to heaven first to paint one for you.

As for Visionary Leadership, I don’t think the adjective ‘Visionary’ is necessary because every true leader, in my view, must be visionary. And a leader who leads a people with a unity of purpose, each after the accomplishment of one goal, is visionary and thus, a true leader.

FLORA:   Has Nigeria had any visionary leader? Who are those you can site as examples of visionary leaders even in their small spheres?

IFEANYI:  Yeah, definitely.

I will site Dr. David Oyedepo, Mr. Raji Fashola, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. I can’t vouch for them but I think they qualify.

Why have you mentioned these men as examples. What is it about them that makes them visionary leaders?

I already said that i can’t vouch for the but they seem to me to be vision driven in the pursuit of their assignment.
Dr. Oyedepo: On Education there is always a goal in mind and everyone drives towards that goal. e.g Covenant University to be one of the top ten Universities in the world by 2022.
Mr. Raji fashola: To make Lagos a mega city, driving the state institutions and even residients of the state towards it’s actualization, e.g Eko o ni baje.
Dr. Goodluck Jonathan: branding Nigeria as a rich and prosperous country e.g “Nigeria: good people, great nation” “For we are not terrorists, we are Nigerians”.
Leaders who run with a picture in mind and drive others to run alongside them with that same picture..

FLORA:  Do you think there is hope for Nigeria? What gives you this assurance if you are positive about it and if you are not, what makes you believe otherwise?

IFEANYI:  I am confident that there is hope for Nigeria.

Well because I, for one, have chosen to be a difference maker and there are many young Nigerians like myself who have made the same choice.

FLORA:  What deliberate actions do u carry out each day to make an impact in our part of the world? What are the challenges you have to deal with everyday in doing this thing of yours?

IFEANYI:   Well, I choose to not waver in my resolve to live a principled life. Be responsible, make smart choices, lead by example, and most importantly think to solve problems.

Many times in reality, you face confrontations from people who do not live like this, which unfortunately represents a lot of people.

FLORA:  In which of the industries in Nigeria will you invest your time, energy and money. Which key sectors of the economy should the government invest more money in. What will the effect of these investments be?

IFEANYI:  The Manufacturing Industry and the Education Sector. I think these investments would mean a creation of ‘Made in Nigeria’ Ideas, Innovations and ultimately Products that can compete globally.

FLORA:  What do you think every young Nigerian can and should do to help build our country?

IFEANYI:   Basically, we should value correct principles and live by them. To mention a few correct principles; Integrity, Capacity Building, Responsibility, Possibility Mentality, Respect for Order.

Ifeanyi  thank u so much for being here and taking your time to share with us  your insight on the the political and economical state of NIGERIA  and what you believe about leadership. I pray and believe that this will charge someone up.

Dear readers I hope you enjoyed this interview and it has encouraged you. You can find Ifeanyi on facebook: Ifeanyi Chukwuekem.

Go follow unorthodox on twitter. @me_Unorthodox.  

Keep in mind always, I love you. 

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Beautiful and with lots of practical insights from Ifeanyi. Kudos Lady Flora



Femi Oyeniran (@femioyenirann)

Great and inspiring… This shows we have a promising future. Nice interview