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Gosh I am done.

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Yes we made it

Finally it is over. Waking up by 5am because the alarm clock doesn’t know how much I am enjoying my sleep, bathing with cold water, the rush to class without food sometimes, boring lectures and noisy course-mates, taking notes, impromptu tests, assignments that take so long to get goggle help and the height of it; tough exams. If you are asked, do you like school? I bet that eighty percent of you will scream, Hell no! Another 15 percent will say yes but not because they really like school, maybe because they just don’t want to be seen as unserious or be tormented by their parents and society. We live among people who believe concretely that going to school is a prerequisite for success. How true is this? I saw a book that says IF you want to be rich and happy don’t go school and I was like, huh? The remaining five percent are those who have school and the classroom as a part of their life. TO WHICH CATEGORY DO YOU FALL?

That beautiful morning, we were more excited that the struggle was coming to an end than we were concerned about the paper to be written that day. Caught up in the euphoria of final exams, we studied mildly considering it was just English Language after all. 12:45pm and it was all over. I remember telling myself, now I am an OND holder. If you are done with school, you will know what this really feels like. Gosh I am done. But, if you have an OND, then don’t be too happy, the journey isn’t over.  The next, while I was packing my things to leave school, my room-mate came to me. Flora, I am happy for you. Wish I was in your shoes now. But what is next? These four words rang in my head. What is next? It was awakening my mind, reminding me that it isn’t enough to dance I am done, it is to know that You have just begun.

By 7pm on the day the final exams were written, I went with other Anglican students to church for a thanksgiving service and there the priest opened our hearts to something beautiful. He began his sermon with telling us how unsatisfied he was after his final exams. What could have caused this? He told us that the single fact that he didn’t feel fit for the real world was devastating. He knew the theories, he knew the principles but beyond the books, what did he know? How was he going to face the real world? So he began asking us questions to get us thinking.


First, did you really learn all you needed to learn while you were in school? As a student of banking and finance, when I am done and I am employed to work in a bank or in any company, do I have skills that will show that I studied banking and finance or will it be evident that my time in school was a waste? Does school really provide for our needs in the real world?

The next question is this, how much understanding of myself, my environment and people do I have? Can I relate with people on the basis of their personality instead of assuming that we all are the same kind of persons? Can I identify opportunities and utilize them? Do I know what my breaking point or off-limits are as an individual? Listening to the sermon, I was asking myself what my answers to these questions were.

The last of them was, is it ok to set goals I want to achieve? About setting goals, we were hinted to set goals that are time bound. Yes, tell yourself when you want to achieve the goal(s) that you have set.

On our way back to school, where I sat in the bus, I was playing the sermon over in my head and I knew I couldn’t go home to fold my hands and sleep. The beautiful thing about the OND is that it offers you a break period of one year to get a job and know what the real world looks like. One month after the exams, I was at home doing all the things I am preaching against now. I stayed at home watching the movies I never allowed myself watch because I needed to make As in school, I chatted more often, stayed awake doing anything that wasn’t serious. Oh my! The second month and I said I couldn’t continue that way, the world is evolving and young people are doing great things. How can I just be lounging like a spectator? Then I had to start reading books and writing and preparing to blog too.

The priest did not preach about making money. He didn’t give us the slightest hint on how to earn a living, why? I wish I knew myself. Days were rolling and there was no job still, I needed money and I needed to stop feeling depressed staying at home even though I was trying to make the most of my time. One fine evening while I was with friends in church, someone said, we need to learn how to make money, this is very important. Then the striking news came- DESIRE TO MAKE AN IMPACT FIRST AND MONEY WILL COME LATER. I held on to that and it has been my guide. So even when I am asked to do things that I won’t be paid for, I shut my heart to the demand for money and just go ahead. So the internship job came, I was super glad.

Just before you scream, I am done, before you carried away with the joy of finishing school, prepare to face the real world.  Lecturers will not give you notes on this, you are left to figure it on your own unless you are fortunate like me to leave school for a whole year and acquire the skills you need, these skills are not just for your job, for your relationships too. We have been told that life is easy and there are people who like to take life one day at a time. I am not going to tell you that it is a bad decision, instead I will say be like the ants that gather their food before they need the food. A wise man said, “I will prepare and wait for my opportunity” but I will say instead, I will prepare and go to the field where I may find an opportunity. Make up your mind to make an Impact today and you will be glad you decided to and another important thing, smile. It gives people the best first impression about you.

It cost nothing to smile.

Thank you for spending your time to read this. Remember I love you and Jesus loves you more. I believe this will touch the lives of those who read it. Please read and share and if you have something you will like to share, give the privilege of writing for you.

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This is a lovely piece and i’m glad to have read it. Cheers!!


I agree, lovely indeed.


You got it right!